Banner Ad Blueprint Video – Philip Mansour Sets Up A CPA Campaign

Have you checked the Banner Ad Blueprint video I told you about in my previous post ? So of course the little intro with a 6 figures account in just about 6 weeks at Commission Junction is really impressive.

If you watched and listened closely, you’ve seen that it took Philip Mansour about half of the $186k to get there. Anyway, that’s still almost 6 figures of profit in less than two month… So it could turn out to be $600k in a year. Wow! Of course results are not typical, and you will have to scale things to get there.

For those who haven’t checked it, watch it now, and see him set up a full campaign (the video is 49 minutes). That’s a cool little sneak peek in what you’ll do. It looks easy to me.

CPA Marketing is very profitable, but you don’t hav to go after all CPA networks, remember the Commission Junction account 😉

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