Blog Blueprint – Will You Really Make Money Autoblogging?

So in my previous post I told you I would say what I think of Blog BluePrint. Another autoblogging training, another autoblog plugin? Basically yes, and no. Yes there is training and plugins, no because there’s more than just that.

This is not a review because other systems are currently in my sight, this is my opinion of what I feel about this and what I know from the stuff the creators (Jason Potash and Jason Katzenback) are used to release. They actually have launched few automation services and software that work well and their members truly like what they do. I am, so I can tell you what I think Blog Blueprint is about, and if it is worth your money.

Here’s what included:

  • Auto Blog Buddy

I put this at the top of the list because I think this is the critical part of the system. This is the actual plugin that will publish content automatically to your blog. And the content is not crap, it’s humanly reviewed.

Here’s what I think. I already autoblogged with one of their service: Syndicate Kahuna. They have a database of writers (paid subscribers) who send articles to the system. As a website owner (free, but now closed) I add my website to the system and then needed to upload a little file to my ftp server and then start receiving articles to my blog. It wasn’t really a WordPress plugin as I didn’t have to upload it in the plugin folder but the root folder.

It may have changed now and you’ll get a better WordPress plugin that does more than just publishing articles, videos too and probably more than that.

  • Auto Blog Installer

Setting up an autoblog is not hard, and it’s quite fast. So why not install more? This tool allows you to install multiple blogs at a time and in few clicks. Like a mass installer. This installs blogs in minutes with premium themes and plugins all configured for better SEO. Not just the blogs and then you have to upload all your plugins to all your blogs. Everything set up in minutes . Cool.

  • Keyword Corral Pro

There is a Keyword Corral free version that you can get so you can already see what it does. I’ve used it and it’s good. This is a keyword research that will tell you what are the best keywords to go after. When I say best I mean keywords that make money. Low competition with traffic and big profits.

  • Web Page Analyzer

This is a very interesting addon to the system. This analyzer is like an SEO analyst and will tell you how you can better optimize your content scanning your page elements and comparing to the competition. Nice to see this included as I know other similar tools that cost more than the whole package.

  • Content Spinner

I guess you know all what a content spinner is. This one is going to spin your content for more uniqueness. If you have tons of PLR articles that you would like spin and then add to your autoblogs then that’s a quick solution to do it.

  • Blog Blueprint Training

Well nothing particular to say about that. This is going to walk you through the process of setting up autoblogs and have them make you money.

Fast Action Bonuses

Well I don’t know if they say these are fast action bonuses to use some sense of urgency before these addons disappear but they’re worth it too.

  • Ping.FM accounts creator and Social Linker

These two tools will automatically create backlinks for you on social media and network sites. is a free site you can already use to update all your social networks status in one place. But if you have multiple blogs in multiple niches you will need more accounts created, so the account creator will save ou some precious time. Automation is always cool.

The social linker will backlink your posts to social sites, but they have built this so it is not spammy and everything looks natural. That’s a great feature to not have your blogs or accounts banned on these sites, and it save you the hassle of building links manually.

So what do I think about it? Is it worth the money?

Considering the number of plugins that cost way more than Blog BluePrint ($67) and training out there that promises you to make money automatically with super underground software which actually suck, the two Jasons (Potash and Katzenback) tell you exactly what you get and there’s not too much hype on their sales page.

Blog Blueprint include the training, the plugins to set up autoblogs, but also the softwares to optimize your blogs, get more “money traffic” and above all automatic marketing. There is true automation in this system and for the price this is really an option you should look at.

I definitely think that this system will make you money because you will have blogs that look great and not crappy sites a 2 year old have designed. You will have blogs that have monetization in mind and they receive traffic too. And they’re built and configured automatically. So I’d say yes, it is worth the money.

Check out Blog BluePrint

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