Buyer Keywords List – Attract The MONEY Traffic

You have certainly heard that you need to optimize your content around keywords so your traffic is targeted for the information you’re providing. Now, more than just delivering information, as an internet marketer you want to make some money. Not always of course but when you’re promoting something, the best targeted traffic is a buyers traffic.

So how do you get buyers to visit your website? Well… with Buyer Keywords!

It is often keywords that relate closely to a product or service but not only. Words that tell that people are ready to buy, or almost ready to buy. I came accross a blog post from Matt Carter simply called Buyer Keywords. He’s sharing a list of modifiers that most buyers would use.

Some easy examples are buy, reviews, cheap, etc. But can also be clearly claiming for a solution to a problem.

So when you write your content for affiliate offers, you may want to include those in the body of your copy or even use these as your main keywords. If you can rank for cheap laptops, do you think you can make money?

Check the post, and also the comments, people have shared their thoughts, I even added my humble contribution.

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