Buyer Keywords List Part 2 – Modifiers To Target Behaviors

Hi guys, in my last post I shared with you a blog post by Matt Carter who was giving a list of buyer keywords, I also told you to read the comments there to see what others were adding.

I thought it would be a nice thing to make another buyer keywords list. What I want to say first is that generally, to get buyer keywords, you need to add keyword modifiers. These modifiers are additional words that reveals a behavior. So of course what we want to target is the buying behaviors of people.

If you know what buyers are typing in their search engines queries then these keywords can make you some big bucks. There are more than one phase a buyer can go through before making a purchase.

Let’s see an example, if John searches for…

  • Apple Iphone 4 – We know that brand and model names are buyer keywords but at this stage John is still in research mode, he is clearly interested in this model but may want to know more about the features. He could of course just want to buy it, but this keyword would be included in most buying phase searches.
  • Apple Iphone 4 vs AnotherPhone – John is comparing phones, which one is more appropriate for him, or which one will give him more satisfaction for the price, which one has more features… He’s researching and comparing. That indicates he really needs a phone and you can build comparison pages/reviews or add a comparison to your review to help him make more sales.
  • iphone 4 reviews – John wants to know what others are thinking about it. Users feedback is important, you can find reviews on Amazon as well as video reviews on YouTube.
  • Apple Iphone4 price – John may just want to know what is the price, but also where can he get the best price. So other variations like “best price iphone 4” are also phrases you should consider (think “cheap”, “deals”, “promo”).
  • Iphone 4 on sale – Now he’s clearly searching for a discount. Other keywords could be “iphone 4 coupon codes” or “iphone amazon coupon”. These are really hot keywords.
  • Buy iphone 4/buy iphone 4 on sale/order iphone 4 online – Self explainatory.

Now what if your content could include these keywords. Some of them or all of them?

Well if you can structure your page by describing features (and BENEFITS!), user feedback (you can add a video), then comparison with another similar product, tell where to get it at the best price (maybe the top 3 best place to get it), and have keywords modifiers like (on sale, cheap, best price), then you can target multiple keywords.

Or you can target one main keyword for one page (like Iphone 4 review) and have other articles to target other keywords and link to your review. One post will compare the product to another and say, check our review. Another one will give a coupon code, another one will demonstrate one super cool feature and link to the review again to check all the other stuff included.

Okay now, it’s time to throw out keywords, buyer keywords that you can use in your content to get the best targeted traffic to your review and sales page. Identify them for each phase they may belong to. And add your own, what keywords do you use to look for a product you want to buy?

  • cheap, budget
  • best buy
  • sale, on sale, for sale
  • inexpensive, affordable
  • low priced
  • price, best price
  • cost, low cost
  • compare
  • new, used
  • limited edition
  • deals, best deal on
  • promo
  • vs (versus – product A vs product B)
  • brand + model, model number/name
  • review(s)
  • colors (these target specific model and the color the user would like the product to be, “blue electric scooter”)
  • size (great for clothing, shoes : 9 birkenstock medina, Hugo Boss shirt medium (or XS, S, M, L, XL, Plus size…)
  • buy, order, purchase
  • discount, bargain
  • coupon code, code, promotional code
  • outlet, clearance, closeout
  • shop, store
  • pre-order
  • in stock
  • free shipping, overnight shipping, overnight

Some modifiers can also be questions. Yahoo! Answers is a great place for questions where lots of people are asking where they can buy/get/grab/find certain product on sale. Now you can take advantage of this by answering those, or go a blackhat route by asking and answering questions yourself (there’s a right way to do it, search for it).

You can also submit articles with these keywords:

  • Where can I buy Insane Muscle Building Miracle Pill on Sale?

People who are truly desperate for a solution are also proven buyers. They will ask questions, join forums, and search online.

  • How to
  • How can I
  • Where to
  • What (and tons of questions after that)

These questions can be about buying, learning, stopping a problem/symptom (preventing from)…

Some desperate buyers will even scream in their topics : “HELP ME solve my problem!” “Help” is clearly a word someone in need of a solution would use. If you can come up with a solution for them that would be cool.

Now these last examples can be used to create your content and target buyers, but also to find niches. Just go to Google and type “where can I buy”, without quotes and see suggestions. You can then add an “a”, “b”, “c” and find many suggestions that you will really be pleased to answer, on forums, answer sites, blog posts and your own articles.

Okay want an example? Here’s something you can try:

“What is the best” in Google will give you suggestions you can market right now, again add a letter and see what comes up. I found “what is the best product for acne”, I think it has some potential ;). In a next post I’ll give you solutions to make the process of building buyer keywords list super quickly and easily. But in the meantime, just use the knowledge you got here.

Most people don’t take action, so if you can create a little plan around these keywords to build a website and create your marketing content then you will make money. I already gave you one little plan (the review + other articles that link to it).


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