Deadbeat Super Affiliate Is Live

Okay, this is just a quick post to teel you that the Deadbeat Super Affiliate that I’ve talking about for a few days is now live, actually since yesterday. So if you want to make a killing as an affiliate promoting physical products, this is a course I highly recommend.

Starting with an extra $3,000 a month is quite decent right?

Dan Brock, the creator launched this upgraded version of ProfitZon and filled it with great content. If you’ve watched the videos and download the reports he made available as his prelaunch content then you got some great free training. I’ve learnt some great things, or re-learnt some and have taken action on these.

For example I’m going through my profitable sites and improving the reviews I’ve written to see if I can get more traffic and more conversion. The Google Proof Product Review Formula was extremely useful. I just finished turning a very basic 300 words review into a 870 words one, with the elements Dan highlights in the formula.

And it was really easy and fast. When you already know a bit about the product it’s really simple to aff few paragraphs here and there to really engage the visitors, and provide them real value by offering solutions they’re searching for.

I’ve added video, user reviews, good and bad, and emphasized the benefits. I want to share another link with you about writing better benefits for products or service features you’re providing, it’ll be in my next post as I don’t have the link under my eyes, it just popped into my head and it helped me crafting my new review.

So from my own experience, I can give you another way of writing product reviews, using the formula of the Deadbeat Super Affiliate:

Just write a general review, you should already have enough information to write about the product and may end with something like 300 words. Then as I did, fill it with all the missing elements (quick review, images, benefits, pros vs cons, video review, Q&A, Comparison, user reviews).

Also, and I don’t remember if Dan mentioned it in his formula but it’s obvious, have a call to action. Dan just puts his affiliate links naturally in the review. Something like : “You can get PRODUCT NAME at the best price on Amazon” and I encourage you to do it too. But nothing prevents you to add a stronger call to action like a big button in the beginning and end of your review.

Okay that’s it. I like the content Dan Brock releases and I think Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a great course to make a full time income from promoting Amazon products (and other networks too). It’s $37, with cool bonuses, and certainly worth more. Check it out and watch the video, I didn’t expect to see him like this. He’ll show you real proof and without hyper hypee sales pitch and a great headline :D.

Visit Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

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