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Okay everyone, this isĀ  it, what I told you yesterday. Some free resources to help your business this year. I got many emails (just like you) promising great things for this new year and offering free stuff. Well you know how it goes with pre-launch content. I chose to introduce you to some free keyword research and link building tools.

Thiese are some of the most valuable tools you can own because THESE WILL MAKE YOU MONEY. If you use them, of course. And yes they are free.

What are these tools?

These are Keyword Blueprint 2 and Link Blueprint, by Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton.Get them here (they are giving them away for the pre launch of their new program).

If you don’t know who these guys are, they are the creators of Commission Blueprint, Niche Blueprint, SEM Blueprint, IMEye.

These are all great stuff. I can honestly say they produce great products and their support is just excellent.

I bought Niche Blueprint in the past and it was $297. Then they upgraded this course to 2.0 and I had to pay $97 for this, and I did because the new tools included are fantastic. Some of these tools included Keyword Blueprint and Link Blueprint.

Keyword Blueprint is kind of Micro Niche Finder. It retrieves Google keyword tool data and tell you if a keywords is easy or difficult to rank for, or competitive for PPC.

Link Blueprint is actually a network of people to exchange links. But without reciprocal links for better benefits. You give links to other people from your sites, you earn credits. With these credits you can then ask for links to your sites. There are rules to follow to keep this effective: no crap links from link pages, no blog comments, no porn/gambling sites. But at least links from a 350 words article or post and few other easy guidelines.

What’s cool is that if you only have PR0 or 1 sites, it’s ok, you can still ask for PR3 links if you want, providing you earned enough credits.

Now don’t worry if this look confusing, there is a tutorial video for each of these tools.

Now as I said these are part of the prelaunch material of their new program called The Blueprint Project – Black Edition.

What is The Blueprint Project Black Edition?

They define it as their best product ever made. And I tend to believe it. This is actually the ultimate edition of Niche Blueprint. This course teaches you, step by step how to build e-commerce sites. That’s right, sell physical products.

But you don’t touch the goods. You will get in touch with suppliers who take care of the storage and shipping. You basically just process orders. It’s the dropshipping model, indeed.

They give you everything! The platform you get is the best, they have improved it since they started doing this business, and it’s been quite some time now. Also, it’s a push-button solution, really, no technical knowledge required.

All the tools and how to get merchant accounts, payment gateways… you will know it all and you will have no difficulty to be up and running, even if you’re not based in the US: I’M NOT IN THE US EITHER, and I bought this program months ago, it’s even better now.

So don’t worry you will never be alone, they even have a team that helps you with all products/suppliers issues.

To sum up, The Blueprint Project – Black Edition is a course that shows you how to build physical products stores, get them ranked for free traffic and make a real income. And remember you get all the tools, and a customer support that is truly one of the best you’ll ever see.

They also teach you how to flip your website for some of the biggest money to be made online. This is really how you get huge amounts of cash.

Okay that’s it. It may look like I want you to buy The Blueprint Project for a commission, but I’m just enthusiastic about it and because of the free tools they’re giving away. You can decide to watch the video they have prepared for more details.

So visit The Blueprint Project to download Keyword Blueprint, the keyword research tool, and get access to Link Blueprint, the link building resources for your SEO efforts.

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