Getting What You Want – Achieving Your Goals Step By Step

My last post was about achieving your dream lifestyle by setting goals, SMART goals even better. Now achieving a goal may simply means getting what you want. What it is that you really want? What are these things. You may need a sheet of paper and write these things down.

Of course nothing is going to happen by simply wanting it, but if you can remember what you want then you will put yourself in a discipline, focus mode that will move you towards your goal. Again this has something to do with taking action. We stop ourselves from doing because we fear of not getting results, we are scared to take a risk, we think about wasting time and that the outcome is not there at the end.

We just freeze and don’t move on. This may be inconscient but what we do is focusing on all the negatives side. So once you have a decsion to make here are few qestions to ask yourself:

  • become a 60 seconds decider (I got this from Jason Fladlien): Will this or that action/decision will completely change your life or business? If yes, you may need to take more time, otherwise in 60 seconds you should be able to decide if this action should be done or not, and move on.
  • What is the worst thing that could happen to your business if you take that action? Is it irreversible? Most of the time, it’s not.
  • What is the cost of NOT taking action? What is the outcome of doing nothing?
  • What results do you expect from that action? So do it!

This introducion may look a bit long but I thought it is dedicated to get your mindset on ACTION mode.

Achieving Goals Step By Step

So you may want to lose 20 pounds, do it 1 pound after the other. Of course set your goals the SMART way (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-targeted).

For income goals you need to know HOW you’re going to achieve it. You may have decided to reach $10,000 per month. How? By having 10 websites to generate $1,000 each. Just an example, you can have your own numbers.

Of course you still don’t know how easch site will perform but we’re not going to discuss niche research, product selection, keyword research and competition analysis.

But either as an affiliate or a product creator (or both), you can decide the money to be made with the $ per sale you get.

$1,000 per month is about $34 per day. You may make more or less commissions depending on various factors but you shouldn’t think about that. What you need to focus on is getting the site up and getting traffic and sales/commissions and then improve if needed.

Basically you need to register a domain, install WordPress (or another site/blog platform you like), have content, monetization, and traffic. The details are omitted on purpose. Most people know how to create a website, create content, build backlinks and so on.

Once you have been marketing online for some time you know what to do, it may just look boring. Have a clear plan, each of your actions should be laid out and you should be able to go through these one by one, or step by step. Outsource your plan if you can.

Let’s dig in our example a bit more:

If you decided to monetize an site with AdSense, you may have 20 pages. To reach $34 a day, each page should generate $1.7. It’s certainly doable right? Remember you can monetize with affiliate offers too, or have your own product.

Build one website and market it so you can generat an income and invest it in content creation. If you already have money to invest then you can have your first website content done for you, and focus on the marketing until you reach your goal.

Hey how many $5 articles can you buy with $1,000? The answer is 200! Or 20 articles x 10 sites. So if you have one website profitable you can and you SHOULD re-invest in your business and reach your goal much faster!

For your first site, writing 20 articles is just writing 1 article, and then another article, until you’ve done it 20 times. Again, just divide each goal, each task and FOCUS on it 200%.

So what is your plan? Can you clearly see each step? Then move on.

In the very beginning of this post I asked you what it is that you really want. So it can be the car, the house… And unfortunately these things are not free, but not impossible to get providing you do the right things and focus on what makes you money.

If you’re not sure if something is worth doing, ask yourself the questions we’ve seen earlier and also this one: will this move me towards my goal or away from it?

If this is something that can be incorporated to your plan then it is fine, otherwise are you really going to use it? An example would be automation softwares. If you saw an offer for an article directory submitter, it can be great if you’re an SEO and article marketer by doubling or tripling your efforts. But if you plan to get traffic with PPC or PPV then is it really worth it?

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