International Affiliate Marketing – Untapped Niche Markets!

Hey friends, hope you’re great today, we’ll talk about developping affiliate sites in foreign languages to make tons of money from untapped niche markets. And actually, these markets can be really huge, but the competition is so low that it’s super easy to rank your sites and get easy commissions.

Yesterday I blogged again about the pre-launch content you can get from Dan Brock, who’s going to launch Deadbeat Super Affiliate, an upgraded version of his great Amazon course ProfitZon.

In this free training you can watch videos and download free reports, one being the Google Proof Product Review Formula and the other one, an affiliate marketing foreign guide. And that’s great, I mean it. PLEASE download it.

What Dan says about people being afraid of selling in foreign markets is true. You may know I’m french. But ALL of my websites target the US markets. They’re all in plain English. I’ve started building sites for ClickBank products (which now also have products in spanish, french, german…), and then for physical products.

I never really considered promoting affiliate offers in French. Just though about it but did nothing.

I guess I had to see it to be convinced I need to go after foreign markets, or for me, local markets that don’t really have this much competition. You may think I have an advantage because I speak french so it’s easier for me to develop websites in French.

This is ture in terms of speaking it, writing it, doing it myself. But it’s easier for you too in terms of competition. In his free training Dan shows you how to hire someone who can do the job in the language you want. And in fact, it’s exactly the same as outsourcing to someone in English. He even provides the instructions to give to your writer.

These people who speak another language, speak English too. So you can give them your instructions in English and they will do the work in German if, like Dan, you want review sites in German.

It’s not hard at all. And I sarmly recommend you take action on this. Again, many people are afraid of selling in foreign markets. And if you’ve been marketing online for some time, you know most people don’t take action from the knowledge they get.

So… just do it.

Now an interesting point Dan is sharing is the SEO part. Search engine competition is low, definitely. You should grab a domain with an extension specific to the language. And for better geo-targetting it is recommended you find a host in the foreign country you plan to launch your sites. That’s true, it’s better.

Well, here are my observations.

I just went through the process Dan talks about in his guide of selecting a product from and then just analyzed competition quickly with SEOQuake.

The keyword is not the specific product name, but just the generic product type, like espresso machine, though it’s something else, 3 word phrase that gets 6600 seaches per month, exact match.

Well in the first 10 results of Google, I’ve found two websites, one with 5 pages of content (I’d say 300 words on each page, somtimes less) and another with about 10 pages.

  • One domain has 2 hypens in it and extension, the other has “” at the end of the exact keyword.
  • The .fr is registered with a french hosting company, the .net is registered at GoDaddy with servers in the US.
  • The .fr has 22 backlinks, the .net has 51 backlinks (some really excellent, PR7, PR5, PR3…).
  • The .fr is number 9, the .net is number 8.
  • Other sites in the top 10 are forums and price comparators.
  • The first result has no backlinks and a PR of 1. The 3 rd result got 164 backlinks but every other has almost nothing (either 0 and maximum 7)

My first conclusion would be…

You can still have hosting in the US, providing you get the exact keyword in your domain and get quality backlinks. It looks easier with a site hosted in the targeted country. You don’t need much backlinks to get ranked for a keyword that receives a very nice amount of traffic.

Now another point I want to add, and it’s just from my own experience. I have seen German or UK sites ranking very well in Google France results for some product searches. So if you want to target several foreign markets, UK, Germany, France and Spain, don’t get a hosting provider for all. You may do certainly very well with one host in Germany for all your European sites.

If you think about it, London, Paris, Berlin and Madrid are geographically closer than New York and Los Angeles…

Well anyway, that free training is pure gold and can get you a nice income very fast. Hey, CHRISTMAS is coming. Even if you don’t get an European host why not try it. Watch the video and download the guide now. Deadbeat Super Affiliate launches today so it may be too late to get your hands on that cool stuff.

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