Internet Down! What Can I Do?

Hey everyone, my internet connexion is down since yesterday, it is supposed to be back up before December 1st. I have to call the customer support from my cell phone of course, hotline is not free, waiting time is. That sucks, I’m currently writing from my girlfriend’s mother’s house.

Since this is a Triple play offer (internet, TV, phone), all the services are down. Yeah that sucks. so what can you do when it occurs?

I could not, submit articles to directories, and make research on topics so I can write more articles.

So I wrote articles on topics I knew about. I also planned a lot of stuff to run when my connexion is up again. For example I have written instructions for outsourcing stuff. Hopefully, since I had outsourced few articles before this happened, writers have been able to do the job.

I remembered an article I saw on WorkAwesome, I already mentioned this website. Some nice content there. Anyway the article to read in this case is… How To Stay Productive When The Internet Is Down.

Now of course this has affected my 30 day challenge. I talked about it 3 days ago. I want to update 3 blogs a day. Two are very easy to do, already indexed, and one is started from scratch. I’ve not been able to publish yesterday. Not really a big deal but still something I would have prefered to avoid.

Okay so one of m best tip, also on the blog post I mentioned is : PLANNING.Preparing stuff that you can do immediately after your connexion is back up.

Okay have fun and stay FOCUS!


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