Is Your Christmas Action Plan Ready?

Chirstmas is coming very soon and if you haven’t thought about having an action plan for this special time of the year you really need to take the time to elaborate one.

Christmas is a “money spending event” that occurs every year. You can’t miss this opportunity. If you have physical products websites it’s time to boost them a bit. You can even start building some websites from scratch and then arket them all way around.

Actually there are so many products you can think of that there are certainly stuff you can promote and make money since there are not too much competition.

But there is something really interesting that you should take into account:

If people go shopping online at Christmas, this is not only just for one product only. So you may promote even low priced items you see on Amazon and it gets you a low commission on this product, but as a buyer you and I know we prefer getting all our product delivered in one shot. So your visitors may end up becoming buyers of 1, 3, 10 products and commissions will really add up then.

This is why it is so important to drive traffic now to your website, no matter if it is for low priced items. Now of course you can just promote high end electronics too. Also since we speak (okay I speak) of Amazon, you know you can check the Bestsellers for each category and sub category, but you can also check the “Most Wished For” and “Most Gifted” tabs for more ideas that people would really want to have for Christmas or will be offering.

You find these two tabs when you check the bestsellers in a category. At the time I’m writing¬† several products in the Bestsellers, Most Wished For and Most Gifted are the same. So… well, you know what this means for you.

Now select few products and go add some reviews somewhere, build links, outsource content if you can, drive traffic rinse and repeat until Christmas. I’ll share with you my plan tomorrow.

Now go take some kind of action that makes an income.

Stay focus!


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