Just Testing Windows Live Writer


I just saw I got an email from Matt Wadsworth about blogging from your desktop, and just like Matt, I never used Windows Live Writer. This is actually the first time I’m writing a post with it.

I thought it was just a text editing software such as MS Word or something of the like, but that’s a great little software that allow you to post on typepad, blogger or WordPress blogs, and of course live spaces.

Mac users may not be able to use it since that’s a Windows program.

It seems the program tries to retrieve your blog layout and display it in its box. From what I’m seeing, it doesn’t look exactly like my blog (my header is not complete, I can’t see my sidebar), but it’s not disturbing, there is a preview tab that let’s you see your post, so it’s ok. You just type your title and then start to enter your post.

I still don’t know at this time how will look the post. I encourage you to check the link and read Matt’s post since he’s sharing the keyboard shortcuts he uses to access the functionalities of the software faster. You can set categories, enter your keywords (maybe that’s the tags and not the keywords to enter in the ALL in One SEO pack box)

Okay, I’m ready to publish, will see 😉

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