Make Outsourcing One Of Your Daily Goal!

That title is a little funny, make outsourcing one of your daily goal. If you outsource you’re not really working yourself, someone else will, and will help you achieve goals for you. But actually what I mean is that outsourcing should really be a goal that you set every day, if you don’t have that habit.

So everyday, it would be great if you start selecting tasks to give to someone. With clear instructions and the right person, you can have little plans here and there and when you start seeing how powerful it is and how much of free time you get back, you will want to outsource even more.

This is all about getting the BOSS mindset. You run an online business, right? You are the boss, the guy who manages the stuff not the guy who does every task. Be the guy at the top of your company who decide who does what, for how much money and time.

So as any goal it needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-oriented. That should be taken into account for your instructions to the writer, but also if the outsourcer clearly states how he works, his turnaround time it should fit your plan.

So what I suggest you is to decide on a project and on a budget.

  • How much of the work can you have done for the money you have?
  • What tasks do you want to outsource?

If you want to outsource article writing, I’ve written a little post about 3 places I’ve used to have articles for cheap. You pay per article, and can customize your order (number of words, quality). Of course you can find someone to write per the hour, or work day, for any task.

You may want to go visit some freelance jobs websites, or internet marketing forums and look for offers, so you can see what are the average costs and see if the service provider got reviews. You can also post a job yourself, asking for help.

Now there are tons of things that are super boring to do, or that you really don’t like to do. Like account creation, that sucks. Really, it sucks your time too.I don’t like to do that, of course when I first started I did this myself, then there are either softwares that can do it for you or you can outsource this.

So you may decide that you want to have account created at top article directories, social bookmarking sites, video sites, etc.

That may be your first outsourcing project. Then your second will be to have the content created, the third to have it submitted. You may find all in one solutions, outsourced or software automated.

So as an example here’s something you could get for $100

  • Accounts created to 80 web 2.0 sites : $20
  • 20 articles, 300 words each : $60
  • Articles submitted to top article directories: $20 (or less depending on how many articles you want to submit)

That’s a little plan and I will expand on it later with some AWESOME resources you don’t know. Well actually you may know some. These will be about automating some tasks, for FREE!

Now there is another place where you can get cheap marketing and advertising for just $5, and that’s Fiverr. You certainly have heard about it, just go there, check the video, social marketing, advertising categories to see what people can do for your business for only $5.

Your website advertised to 50,000 followers on twitter, there is someone who can do that. A video testimonial for your product or website, no problem. Have 5000 facebook users to be invited to your fan page, just $5. Or you can ask post what you want done for that price, some people are asking for one, or even two articles.

Okay, have a great time whatever you do.

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