Micro Jobs Sites – Outsoucing Your Work For Cheap

Hi all. In my last post I talked about your marketing plan and I briefly mentioned the importance of outsourcing and automation to scale your business. Reinvesting in these resources can help you build your business and grow your income higher and faster.

You simply only have 24 hours in a day and you can’t just do every little task on every aspect of internet marketing. Actually, you can. But not in one day, especially when you have more than just one website. Micro Jobs Sites may be a smart solution, that’s the power of crowdsourcing: assigning a job to many people instead of one.

So I used the most powerful search tool on the planet… Google. Yeah I know, that’s a search engine, but actually when you plug something in it spits quite relevant results.

And I searched for micro jobs sites, where you can pay pennies for very short tasks. Of course you can pay more for longer tasks (like writing articles) but on these type of sites I don’t do it.

Here here the list of micro jobs sites I’ve compiled:

  • MicroWorkers.com
  • ShortTask.com
  • MTurk.com (amazon)
  • www.MicroJob.co
  • simpleworkers.com
  • myeasytask.com
  • desklancer.com
  • minute-jobs.com
  • jobboy.com
  • minijobz.com
  • RapidWorkers
  • MinuteWorkers.com
  • tasksworkers.biz

I’ve only tried the first 2, I don’t know about the others! Of course Amazon MTurk is legit too.

You could also add Fiverr to that list though it’s more for a one time job, and it must be $5.

Basically these sites are almost all the same, and work all the same. They have various fees and some even tell you the minimum you should pay for a certain task. Some just let you choose the amount you want to pay. You can also choose the number of times your task should be done.

Here’s an example, I did this yesterday. You need to fund your account via PayPal or others if available.

I went to shorttask.com, and I asked one of my link (a squidoo lens) to be submitted to reddit. I wanted this task to be performed 12 times, so I should have about 12 votes on my link.

I did the same thing on microworkers.com, but this time for a hub at hubpages, I wanted this to be done 30 times.

I first shorten my URLs with bit.ly. then in my instructions told people to open the link in their browser, then submit the new URL to reddit, or Digg.


On ShortTask, I don’t know what happened but almost everyone submitted the bit.ly link, while I clearly stated the NEW link in the instructions. Now I could have simply posted my squidoo URL but I wanted to track the number of visits (you can do this if you create a bit.ly account) and also for not leaving footprints anywhere. Plus it gets you traffic on your site, or web 2.0 properties. For hubpages, traffic is a factor that increase your HubScore (important for dofollow backlinks).

On Microworkers, everything went fine, only 2 people didn’t digg my link.

On each of these websites you can ask for proof, you actually want to track the job, see that it’s really done. So you can ask them their profile URL as a proof, or the URL of the bookmark. Always ask for a proof of some sort. For a simple task like increasing views, you want to shorten the link so then you can ask what was the URL of the video as a proof, or the name of the channel.

Now on ShortTask, I know that I’d need to rephrase and be even more clear in my instructions. On microworkers I think they changed my instructions before these were live. So these were well laid out, they mentioned that bit.ly link was a shortened URL.

When you’re not satisfied, you can reject the job, and you’re not charged. Of course if you rate someone unfairly, your account could be banned too. I had to reject almost everything on ShortTask, but I will use them again with better instructions.

How much did I pay?

On shorttask, I paid $0.03 for each submission. With their fees, a total of $0.48.
On microworkers I paid $0.10 (it was the minimum required, or recommended, don’t remember). With their fees I paid $3.97.

On microworkers you must assign a task to a minimum of 30 people. I haven’t checked other websites.

Really you can get nice ranking jumps with stronger social bookmarking backlinks. I have seen my squidoo page getting better though most didn’t do the right thing. Same for my hub with microworkers.

What’s better, it’s fast, few hours later and you get things done. You can geo target the workers. For submissions like this you don’t care where the diggs are from. So International is okay, this is the number of votes that will make your link appear higher, not the country of the diggers, or redditers.

What could you ask?

  • Well for just 1 cent, that’s $0.01, you can have someone open a youtube video. Ask them to watch it, or actually “just let it play from the begining to the end”. If I’m correct a video needs to be played for 30 seconds on youtube for a view to be counted.

    You want views to your videos because the more views, the higher it appears on YouTube search, and on Google too. You still have to optimize the description and tags for better results.

  • You can also increase the number of articles views at EzineArticles so your article jumps in the “most viewed” of its own category, and more internal backlinks point to it. It will get more traffic from Search Engines too.
  • You can ask for acount creations too on many services, social bookmarking, web 2.0 sites, email accounts, video sites…
  • You can ask for blog comments, social bookmarking from $0.03

I saw someone paying $0.06 for twitter account creation, so it’s $6 for 100 accounts, without the fees.

Don’t ask for illegal or unethical stuff. I’ve seen people asking for clicks on their ads. I’m not sure f it was for AdSense or not but it is strictly prohibited by AdSense TOS and can get you banned. Some others ask for signups to CPA offers. If your CPA networks find out that all your signups are crap, they can kick you out too and may not pay your money, even the legit signups you got.

Increasing views on an article or a video may be grey hat or black hat for some but you’re not doing harm. But if you do things that can get you into troubles, don’t cry.

I talked about article writing, well the ones I use are:

  • thecontentauthority.com
  • articlez.com
  • textbroker.com

Now you can of course try to use the micro job sites, maybe for rewriting. Just assign a rewriting task for each sentence of the article. You may pay just 0.05 for that kind of task, maybe more, I’ll try that. Of course ask for perfect english. By having all your sentences rewritten several times you can create more versions of your article, then spin everything.

What I see is something like this (just an example):

  • Go to ShortTask, or MTurk
  • Create one task for each of your sentence, asking it to be reviewed.
  • If you pay $0.05 per sentence, that’s $1.5 for a 30 sentences article. Not bad at all!

You may adjust the amount you want to pay according to the number of words of each sentence. It may be time consuming but actually, you can generally save a template of your task to use later, so you can just change the sentence on each new task.

Plus each task can be renewed too. So if you go there to ask for backlinks, you can renew your task every month and get new backlinks to your site. Just an idea.

Okay I hope this article was helpful to you. All I want is that you actually DO something with this information. Try this and maybe you’ll find you get greater results.

Hey, 100 diggs at $0.03 on ShortTask would cost you just $4, fees included. If you have some valuable content this could be a great boost. Now imagine you invest $10 to get 100 diggs, 100 reddit votes, 100 delicious, 100 propeller and so on, 100 votes on your video, 100 blog comments… You can have a cheap SEO plan and these backlinks will be really powerful.

That’s it for micro jobs sites, have a great week.

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