My Plan To Make Money For Christmas

Well in my previous post I gave you few reasons to market products for Christmas, which is mainly to make money but please read it I think it was a nice little post. Now here’s how I intend to make money for this season.

  • There will be tons of deals, promos, discount and coupon codes for products that I promote or websites these products are featured on. So of course, I will add these coupons regularly, each time they are released by the merchant.
  • I have many niche websites for multiple products, so I need to boost them in the SERPs to get decent traffic. I will write articles for all of these, I mean I will do some myself and outsource some more.
  • Building more backlinks from a variety of source is also on my list. Social bookmarking new posts, blog comments, Press Releases, web 2.0 properties, doc sharing sites. I’ll also throw some videos out there. This may sound a lot of work but I know I can do it and you can too.

Basically I could sum up my plan to “Drive traffic to websites that get the click“. To get the click from your website to the merchant, your copy must be good, but you can also have some featured offers in prominent position, and state a big benefit (free shipping, discount…)

Amazon is great because they know everything about conversion.

If you are super focus you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a day. Challenge yourself for Christmas too and you’ll get motivated. Why not something like “I will create a 10 pages website and write 10 other articles to market it withing 48 hours”. Looks cool right? 20 articles in 2 days. The articles you submit of course should not be submitted all at once. But once they’re written, the hard work is done!

In a week you can have 3 built and marketed, or even 10 websites marketed if you already have some websites that just need some boost. Check what websites performed well in the past for you but that you let die a bit. If they are still ranking well then you might just want to add more content targeting buyer keywords (<- I gave a nice list there).

That’s it.

A nice little challenge that can make you some nice profit if you really focus on it. Go kick some ass (or something of the like), be a money action taker maniac and become a rockstar!

Stay focus!


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