New 30 Day Challenge Before Christmas

Hey everyone,  so after I complete my 30 day blogging challenge, I decided to set a new one which was about the same, adding one blog post per day, but this time to a monetized niche website, unlike this one which is just more information oriented I spent the last two days, planning, researching and compiling some datas to work from, and here’s my plan…

I’m not going to update 1 blog per day, but 3. And I think it’s going to be easy. Again that’s a SMART goal in 30 days I will have 3 blogs with each 30 more posts published on them.

2 blogs are already indexed, 1 will be started from scratch. Here’s the plan for each.

  1. One of the blog already indexed is in the top 3 results in Google for its 3 main keywords. It’s been there for months and maybe 2 years, competition is still low. I’m going to add related offers, in the same niche. Since it’s Christmas there are tons of great deals, free gifts and promos coming, that’s true for so many physical products sites. I’m just going to add one deal a day, very fast, and many buyer keywords!
  2. The other indexed blog is in the fitness niche. I have already reviews written for both physical products and info products. I’m going to add posts with videos from YouTube. Simply adding workout videos and commenting/trascripting them so I don’t just copy and paste the code, I also want to add text so my keywords are also in the post. I’ll link the posts to the reviews or equipment needed for example with my affiliate links.
  3. The third blog has no content, and never been developped. I registered the domain loooong ago but never did anything with it. It’s also in the fitness niche, fat loss more precisely. I have compiled keywords I want to write about, or actually… what I and a writer will write too. I’m going to outsource about 15 articles first, and maybe more for article marketing since I’ll have some backlinking job to do.

So really, the content creation is just going to be for that third blog and just one per day. If you think about it, when you’re focused on 3 blog/articles per day, especially when you planned ahead, this can be really easy and fast.

What’s your challenge?

What’s your plan?

Christmas is in 30 days, so even with one blog properly monetized you can make some nice bucks.

Have you chosen a physical product? Go on Amazon, select a toy for kids, a bestselling electronics, kitchen appliances, most wished for, most gifted… Write around buyer keywords and backlink there.

Okay I’m ready to work now,



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