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Okay everyone, it’s been some time that I didn’t posted here, I’ve been very busy and still am with the Halloween season. I may have to tell you about this later. Anyway, I had to post today about outsourcing, and a course named Outsource Method, by Marc Lindsay and Daniel Turner.

You may already have been updated about this course and received emails about it and wondering if it’s worth it. Well, actually, you can get it for $1 for a full 10 days access. So even if you figured out it’s not for you, you’d have only spent $1. The fact is that this course used to sell for $295, now you can try it for $1 first.

Well the price is going to be $995 soon, instead of the $295. I also think they may have a trouble doing some math as they’re saying you’d have to pay a $600 difference. Well to me, the difference between $295 and $995 is $700.

Anyway that’s a huge price increase, and you should at least check the $1 trial as you’re getting the whole thing. It’s loaded with 10 modules that will take you from A to Z with video tutorials and many more stuff. There’s even an interview of the CEO of Rentacoder.

Well, now you need to know if it’s for yourself or not. I’d say it’s for everyone. I think outsourcing must be at some point part of your business. There are times when you need to do things, too much things at the same time. Time is really why we’re doing this business. We want the freedom of doing what we want at home, spending more time with our families and friends. It’s not the case if you’re stuck at your computer all day.

Outsourcing is an investment that buys you free time, that allows you job to be done in a shorter time, of a better quality. Yes you need to have the good persons to work for you, but they’re not that heard to find. Once you have systems in place (Outsourcing Method has a system creation module) then you can just launch those systems anytime you need.

Outsource Method has been described as the best outsourcing course available. Well it’s very easy to call something “best”. What I know is that it’s actually very complete. It’s even endorsed by Mark Joyner that I fully trust and who knows so much about productivity and business in general.

Check the Outsource Method now, it’s just $1 and carries a lot of value.

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