Outsourcing, This Is The Work Smarter They Talk About

You certainly have heard the expression “Work smarter, not harder“, and often this is about outsourcing. They (internet marketers) are genuinely meaning it. Outsourcing is really working smarter, and you already know most of the benefits of it.

Outsourcing allows you to leverage other people work and TIME. You can not do everything yourself. Well, you can, but not at the same time. You can’t write article and at the same time, make a video, create backlinks, design a website all at the same time. Multi-tasking is very counter productive and is the ennemy of focus.

If you have automation tools then great, it’s a very nice help, I use them and it’s truly the other way to get more done in less time.

Automation + Outsourcing= Super Lazy Way To Work Smarter.

But here’s how to go to the ultimate outsourcing solution.

You outsource articles (work done by a writer) and submit the articles with a software (automation, done from your computer)


You outsource articles and the submission. If you give an article submission software to your writer then he can do some more job

Outsource the automation… That’s really lazy, and certainly something you should think about. Of course you may have to purchase the software license for your assistant but it’s certainly worth YOUR TIME. This program is going to work for you for all your projects.

Now of course some freelancers already have their softwares and post their services with everything you need so you may not  to purchases license, it is valid though if you train your assistant and want him/her to use specific tools.

If you know the 20/80 rule (or 80/20?), you fully understand that outsourcing can bring you so much better results than if you try to do everything yourself. It may even become a 10/90 principle for some.

So create systems. Systems that can run by themselves and are result oriented.

  • Visualize your goal, the end reslt, and now, what are the steps to achieve it.
  • Can these steps be explained with clear instructions? Certainly, so your assistant now has a plan.
  • Can these steps, at least some, be automated too? Definitely.

If you build a team of great workers, experts in their fields, you will work smarter with smart people who know how to also work smarter and faster with great tools.

If you’re just starting on outsourcing then, you can start with some little projects and you will see the power of leveraging other people’s work, and time.

Decide on a taks that you do most of the time and that you don’t particularly enjoy, or that takes your time thus preventing you from doing other important stuff, some you actually enjoy.

It can be content creation, or account creation, backlink building. How much of your time would this take you? More importantly, how much is worth your time?

An example would be $50 an hour. Do you really earn that amount of money when you’re writing content yourself? Especially if this is not something you enjoy. This can take you a lot of time. While professional writers can spit out  5 basic articles an hour, or 2 exceptional quality ones.

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