New Ideas, Opportunities and Changing The World

This post is going to be shorter than others I posted recently. Probably because it’s almost 3am and I’m getting a little tired but anyway, I still try to post something decent, without revealing much. Ah, curiosity rising I see…

Well, I just came onto something that could really become great at increasing my traffic, rangings and ultimately my revenue. But, I don’t want to talk much about it now because I need to put it to the test first. I really don’t want to recommend something that may not as great as it seems to be.

It is great and I’ve seen proof it works, now I’m going to try to make it work for me. All I can say is that in addition to traffic and rankings, it will also include super cheap outsourcing and product creation. So the world could really soon see my very first product, and I’ll dominate the world. Huh?

This is not the only new idea I came accross today, or more precisely now that’s a new opportunity that is coming to all of us. And I know we all need this. That’s beyond internet marketing, that’s a whole different beast, so I’m definitely not going to talk about IM in this post. But this is BIG.

BIG in the sense that it can change our lives. From what I’ve seen, It has already started to change lives for few ones. And from my research, this is some solid knowledge that you will ba able to get. Just keep coming back to this blog in the next days, at least next week, and you’ll be glad to find out what it is.

Changing lives, changing the world. That’s what it’s all about. You will have the opportunity to enter a group that teaches you all about protecting your assets, getting more financial situation more secure and ensuring you get and keep more money for you and your family for the rest of your entire life.

If that sounds good to you, then I’ll be very happy that we get into that group together. In the meantime, I say have a good night.

Sorry for publishing a post without a lot of details but with more time I know, or at least hope the wait will be worth it.



Target Long Tail Keyword Groups In Your Content For More Traffic

Today this post will again be about SEO and rankings, but with an emphasis on keywords as only ranking factor. More precisely, long tail keywords, and even more precisely keywords groups.

Long Tail Keyword Groups

So what is a keyword group? Well I guess many internet marketers will have their own answer but for me these are keywords that share the same seed keywords. We could of course add to the group some other LSI keywords, which will be related terms, but if you write naturally these ters should come naturally too in your brain and land in your copy.

The purpose of targetting long tail keyword groups is to get traffic. Easier rankings. I know this is nothing new, buth then why many people still target only one keyword per page and use only one or two anchor text when doing link building to these pages?

Another important thing to keep in mind is the fact that pages, or more generally content if you prefer, can and will rank for multiple keywords. Just check your Analytics account or any other visits tracking tools you may use and you will admit this is entirely true. These many different keywords may even not be the ones you would like to target. Still, they brought you traffic. Maybe it’s actually 1, 2 or 3 visits in the whole month, still these people found you thanks to a related term, a keyword in the group.

What most of us have been told about keyword research and selection is to go for the long tail of course, generally 3 to 4 words. Indeed 1 and 2 word phrases are more competitive, and very broad. Sure. These head keywords, or seed keywords will anyway be part of your content, since they are the seed in any of your long tail. Still here?

The idea (and I swear it’s not only my idea), is to go for the keywords that not only are of 2, 3 or 4 words, but also for longer ones and even if your keyword research tool indicates they only get less than 100 searches a month. I remember a video demonstration from the guys at Link Emperor saying they’ve been targetting tons of keywords with low search volume, and they got success.

It is not surprising, less search volume generally means less competition, easier rankings. So by keeping in mind that your content will rank:

  • for multiple keywords
  • more easily with long tail and low competition/traffic keywords

… we can assume we can build and optimize content in two various ways:

  1. creating more posts or pages, each made for one of these keywords
  2. creating posts and pages that include (let’s say “target”) multiple keywords from the group.

In the first case, we may just need lower words count articles, because the competition is not really focusing on the specific keyword

In the second case we can write longer articles, say over 1000 words upto 2000 words and incorporate several keywords from the group.

One of the other great things is that you can definitely get awesome buying keywords to ranking easily using these strategies. I guess you have to put it to the test yourself to see if for the same keyword you can get the same traffic using both strategies. But still, when I say low competition, I’m saying that the first page is not even full. Like… 5 results, 2 results and sometimes 0 results if you can anticipate things (okay I’ll expand on this later).

But the point is that the longer tail a keyword has, the more targeted it becomes. And with targeted buying keywords… you can certianly make money.

Example of Long Tail Keyword Research and Use

I guess a quick example will be helpful. I have several websites in the video game niche. I build sites around the game name keywords and I’m going to show you things that may will find profitbale (I hope so).

Recently, Fifa 12, a soccer game was released. Now you have to know that the highest traffic is certainly when the game is going to be released and shortly after. But, it doesn’t really matter for now, since what we can immediately check is the competition.

So one of the most used buying keyword modifier is “review”. Let’s type it in Google in quotes (YES, people don’t type in quotes, still we’re searching for real competing pages that are clearly optimizing for this keyword, not pages that may have randomly the words fifa, 12 and review in their content).

I find… 8,790,000 for “Fifa 12 review” – Google currently shows 8,100 global monthly searches for the exact match, and 1,600 locally (US) and 2,900 locallu (UK).

Now an additional modifier like… PS3

“Fifa 12 review PS3” only has 590 global monthly searches, 110 in the USA and 260 in the UK, but the competition is now revealing 216,000 pages. That’s still many to compete with, though easier.

The key is to find keywords that interested people would type if they wanted to know more before they buy. I’m going to reveal one of the modifiers you can use: questions.

In the video game case, this is what I mentioned earlier about anticipating, because Google and many other keyword research tools will not reveal any traffic datas. Still, Google Suggest show you those, but more importantly we can know that these are going to be used. Why? Because they are universal, and because there are many other similar product names which show traffic. Confused?

Type into google “is fifa 12 worth buying” – and see about 124 results. Not too much traffic but when I see a keyword phrase containing BUYING, I guess that’s a BUYING keyword. It does have a very little search volume, 46 global monthly…

Before you decide it’s not worth it, I told you about anticipation and how other similar products show traffic for these same long tail keywords. For example, I see that “is fallout new vegas worth buying” has 720 global monthly search, and 480 locally. It now has over 4,000 pages competiting for that term (in quotes) but I guess that if you created the page before the game was out you would have an advantage (anticipating).

Another key, the sites ranking for these questions are answer sites such as Yahoo Answers, and various forums. So even without a website you could place your link there. I know some have been making tons of money exploiting Yahoo! Answers.

Again this tactic will not require you to have  big content produced if you decide to go for each of the long tail in the group. Still you want to provide quality to your readers. This will ensure that anyway LSI terms and related keywords land on the page. For example in this post LSI terms naturally get into the content.

I didn’t try to, and I didn’t optimize this post for a single keyword, but if the seed keyword was in the title I guses it would have been “Long Tail Keywords”. LSI terms would then have been “long tail keyword groups, keyword research, keyword research tool, LSI keywords, traffic, link building, rankings, SEO, Google.” Now at the end of this post I will go through it and optimize it with little bolding, h tags and such.

For bigger articles, integrating many long tail with low competitions and traffic can lead to an amazing traffic boost. If you decide to go this route, then your site will become an authority in its niche. Becaue your content will have a lots of good information and contain all related keywords, all the keywords in the group. Not necessarily in the same post. You can certainly imagine various posts that have the same keywords. These posts will fall into a category, and maybe even sub categories.

This will create a very specific themed site and organized content that both your readers and search engines will love.

Long Tail Keyword Case Study Coming

I hope to have a case study soon to show real and more concrete results (cash). I know I said in the past I wanted to do more case studies and though I did, I didn’t really post much here. So I’ll try to do something this week and track results over time with what’s been discussed here.

I also want to remind everyone that using these kind of keyword strategy means less off site SEO, and you may even not have to create backlinks to these posts. Remember content pages rank for multiple keywords anyway, just shoot easy targets in mass and bank.

Most of us have already found pennies in the street, small value coins. Rarely do we find a case full of hundreds of dollars in green tickets. However with keywords, even what seems to be a value keyword can be related to a high ticket product, and big commission. Wow, thought of the day. (If you quote me be sure to link to this post ;))

Christmas is coming. Target product names, you don’t necessarily need to buy a domain for all. Try to theme them all under one site, or even use free platforms that can easily rank anyway when you go for the lowest competition keywords.

PLEASE, do your homework. Get out there and find these little nuggets and ask yourself if it would not be possible to create some content with these keywords and see how things go. Take action, it’s an easy one this time.

Hope to have something worthwile to say soon.


Automated Link Building Solutions

Okay, so yesterday I posted about an internet marketing plan, which is more about link building in a natural way. What I wanted to show was that there are some links that most people would never make to another site. For example, you will not create a press release for social bookmark. Today I want to talk about link building again, but the automated way.

So what are the automated backlink creation solutions out there. Well there are just so many to choose from. This may be a problem though since a lot may only give you one source, I mean one link type. For example, and article distribution software will only get you links from article directories. Your goal is to get a wide variety of source, and also to get those links indexed so you also need to create backlinks to these backlinks.

You then have the choice in choosing multiple softwares or services, or outsource different tasks to SEO experts. Even if you get a software that gets you a variety of links, it may not cover everything you would like. But still, owning such tools or subscribing to various services can really save you time and make you more money. You can’t physically maintain multiple URLs and keywords rankings, and at the same time write content, or create videos and so on.

You can do it on your own, but you will have to invest more time. It may be frustrating and during that time, you’re not getting cash into the bank. OF course if you only have one site to focus on, this is another stor, however building authority sites also requires effort. Sidenote: Viral marketing, social networks may be your friends. Indeed, without link building, you can build a fan community and still receive traffic, sales and commissions. So explore that route too.

Automated Link Building Solutions

Okay, that was kind of a long introduction for that post. Now let’s get to the meat, what Automated link building solutions you may want to have a look to. I principally want to discuss tools that can bring you link diversity from one place.

Blog Networks

Well, I’ve already mentioned some here. And I really think these provide powerful link juice. Of course I haven’t tried them all, and I’m currently runing a test with the Link Juicer before I certainly switch to Build My Rank. Build My Rank would be the one I recommend the most from my observations. There are many more out there (Unique Article Wizard, My Article Network, Seo Link Vine, Article Ranks, SEO Blueprint).

SEO Softwares

Again here, there are so many to list that it is quite impossible to give them one and only definitive software name. However, I’m quite sure, many of you have heard about SENuke X. This is a software that can build backlinks from diverse type of sites, and interlink those. So you can get links from social bookmars, article directories, social networks, web 2.0 profiles and more.

It is not the only one to do so. SE Nuke X may have the advantage of an easier interface and a wizard that takes care of most of the technical stuff. I don’t use it though, at $127 per month it wasn’t for me. I think there’s even a one time fee, for something over $2000.

I chose aother solution. I have SEO Link Robot, which does the same thing, without the wizard and I got it at the time it was a one time fee. $157 I think, don’t remember exactly. It’s now $47 per month, or $227 per year, or or a one time fee of $347. There’s also a Lite version of SEOLR for those who don’t need all functions.

SEO Link Robot submits to web 2.0 sites, article directories, social bookmarking, rss feeds, ping sites, press releases sites.

Now softwares like this need to be constantly updated because they post to other sites that they don’t control. So when an article directory or a social bookmarking site changes its scripts or interface, it fails to post. I have to say it’s not necessearily a deal breaker. I still get updates often and if a post doesn’t get through I can live with it.

Just like every tool out there. You need to use it to make it work for you. Using it for a few days to see if it works and then stop will not bring a lot of results. So really, once you invest in such tools, you must use those regularly so they pay for your investment, especially if they have reccuring fees! Another solution is to purchase a license and outsource the use to a virtual assistant.

There is another tool that is more recent and that I saw popping few months ago, it’s IMSlave, it really looks exactly the same as SEO Link Robot. They say it is more white hat. Well I don’t know if it’s true, I guess it’s how you use your tools that make it white hat or not. It may have different sites it posts to. Can’t talk much about it since I don’t use it but it’s a one time fee of $127. Maybe worth a try.

SEO Services

These services include several things done for you. You just give them what they require and they will post content and links a bit everywhere. They have all their own strategy, link pyramids mixing and interlinking web 2.0, bookmarks, articles, and other types of links.

These can be very useful, and you can get a time shot or a monthly service. It really depends on how you see your SEO strategy and how you have set a budget.

I already mentioned in an earlier post They have a package I foud on WickedFire forums, the SERP Power Booster. For under $40 bucks it is a great deal. They have more, including a monthly service. – I don’t remember who recommended this to me, but it seems to get good results, they indeed have some nice plans.

Browse forums for such packages and you will find great deals.

The Beasts

These are services that I would really want to get subscribed to. They make all the work for you, you just need to provide them the enssential: keywords and URLs.


This is really hands off. It’s a $147 per month service. One account gets you 1000 backlinks per month. You can have upto 5 domains. For each domain you can have as many URLs as you want. But keep in mind that you still have amaximum of 1000 links per month. So if you use only one site, you will receive all 1000 links to that one site, if you add 5 sites, you will receive 200 links per month to each.

How it works? Well there are two videos you can watch on their site: check out LinxBoss (the system demo link shows you the user interface and exactly what you’re getting). If you don’t want to read here is a quick version:

  • You add a site (domain)
  • You then add pages you want links to (the domain itself if you want, an internal page, whatever…)
  • For each page you add anchor text: one primary keyword and then secondary keywords. The primary keyword will be used about 50% of the time, the secondary keywords will share the remaining 50%.

That’s it. Really, nothing more. They will create a variety of links for you, they will create content for you that they will distribute with your links. You just see your backlinks grow and your rankings go higher. They have a rank tracking tab that will let you see the movements of your pages for each keyword.

LinxBoss have been online for over 4 years so they are serious, and deliver on what they claim. I forgot to ad, you can pause a linking campaign for any page anytime, change keywords anytime, delete a site and replace it with another one anytime. All the links create are permanent. So if you reach rankings for the keywords you want, you can remove those keywords or sites and replace with others.

If you want to build links to more than 5 sites at once, this is possible too, just get an additional account.

Link Emperor

When I saw the capabilities of this service I was really amazed. Basically, the Link Emperor subscription you pay for it includes subscription to other services. So you only need an account with them to centralize our link building efforts.

They have several plans, $149, $349, $749 and… $2999 per month. YEAH! So I guess if you want to start with them you wil wnat to go with the cheaper plans, but also note that they have a 3 day free trial.

You really MUST see what it does, they also have a video demo at their site here: Link Emperor. It works with credits, each plan gives you a certain amount of link credits that you can then spend in the system. You have the ability to purchase additional credits if you like. The cheapest plan gives you 1,000 links to spend per day.

As I said, the system uses other services from one place, these include: high PR blog comments, forum profiles, linkwheels, social bookmarks, article links, link pyramids,web 2.0 properties, .edu and .gov profiles, link indexing, web directories submission, SE Nuke blasts, Google +1, private blog networks, videos, links from DripFeedBlasts and Dripable (which create comments and forum profiles on a drip fed manner).

And that’s just the beginning since their goal is to integrate any kind of worthwile links creation service in their system. Of course not all links cost the same amount of credits, a social bookmark is less expensive than a full SENuke blast for example.

But they are not just about link building. In fact they are really into ranking, and will help you with other features such as keyword research, tracking, keyword management. This last one is cool, it tells you what keywords you should put more efforts into. Indeed, it not just suggests keywords to use, but also what are the ones that need more boost, so you can create campaigns for it.

This service is really a beast and I just recommend you check it out because it could really be the one you need. For $149 as a starter price, a tons of things can be done. I am not using it, not yet, because I’m currently testing other services but this is surely on my list. Even for small niche websites this will be powerful.

Check out Link Emperor.

That’s the end for now.

I will not talk about XRumer or ScarpeBox as automated backlinks solution as if you use those to automate your links, it’s mostly spam. I use ScrapeBox to find awesome links sources such as high PR blog posts, yeah, even dofollow ones. Got several hundreds of PR4+ and PR5 with low outbound links just yesterday.

Other softwares that may give you principally one link source, as mentioned earlier, are article marketing, social bookmarking, RSS submission softwares, video submission software.

Basically for onle type of link source there is a software that can handle those. I have few ools from IncanSoft, I haven’t checked if they have updated their stuff but most of the ones I own have stopped working properly (ArticleBot never worked for me, SocialBOT, RSSBot, PressBot always had difficulties to go through posting process).

The best article submission software out there is Article Marketing Robot. Over 1200 article directories and you can add as many as you want, the ability to spin content of course and much more. This one piece of software can get you tons of backlinks, you can then simply pick the report and submit your links to get indexed to a service such as LinkClaw, Linklicious or Lindexed.

What Is Your Internet Marketing Plan?

This is the question of the day: what is your internet marketing plan? Wow, am I trying to rank for the keyword Internet Marketing? Well not really, actually I didn’t know if I was going to ask what is your seo plan, link building plan, traffic plan? So I just guessed that I should give a global approach to this post.

Okay, so as you may or may not know, I’m more into SEO when it comes to building sites that I want to monetize. The goal, even if you want to pay for it, is to get visitors see your page, offer, content, message. In other words: getting TRAFFIC.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to make money, and depending on what you are more comfortable with, you may have decided to make product reviews sites, CPA offer landing pages, optin box to build your list in several niches, or sell your product. But today there’s even more than your own pages hosted on your own sites, there is social media that comes in the game. And it plays a huge role. Not only for traffic because you can reach tons of people very quickly, but also for SEO, branding, interaction and more. PEOPLE.

So what came to my mind was this: what is your internet marketing plan – with people in mind -in its BIGGEST picture? What should this master plan involve?

Because I build affiliate sites that take the SEO route, my internet marketing plan is more powered by link building and free ways to drive traffic. But you will see that it can be adjusted to any plan, the first goal being to get traffic before you monetize it. So I’m not going to talk about creating content or outsourcing, this is not about that, and you should know when you have to do those.

So here is my Master Plan, or at least some of it since I don’t know if I thought about everything.

Internet Marketing Plan

I’m far from doing this for all my sites, but I’m considering doing more of that stuff. Especially when you want to build long term businesses, to sell your own products, or even sell later your business or site.

I tried to be smart for once, I hope you will agree. My approach was this: what links look natural, from one type of site to another type of site. In the past you would you need a wide variety of links and all should point to your money site. Well that is still true, but it is strange that no other sites are linking to those too, right? So you should ask yourself, “what can I do to have people know about MY link, MY video, MY Facebook page, My money site”. Here we’re talking about PEOPLE to notice your content and links, but of course search engines will do too. But we want to do this for people, our TRAFFIC.

Many people would do this wrong and link stuff together to get link juice (which indeed matters) but that would not look natural. Here’s an example. Say you have found a high PR blog post that you comment on and it gets approved. Would you write a press release about your comment, and link to the high PR blog post? No, it’s not that newsworthy. You may want to ping the url of the post but not create a campaign for someone else.

However, what can be natural is something like this. You create a site, it’s brand new. So you write a Press Release to announce it.

You make a video presentation of your offer or website. The video will mention your link, both in the video and description. You create a facebook page for your business or offer. You can again create a press release to tell everyone they can now interact easily with you on Facebook. On your facebook page, you will share your videos, embed your optin form.

You then create web 2.0 pages (squidoo, hubpages), on which you can also embed videos, and the rss feed from your site. You also write articles to submit to article directories and turn articles into pdf or powerpoint to submit to document sharing sites. They all have links to your site and. You will then bookmark those.

If you subscribe to a high PR blog network, you can submit posts that will be drip fed over time and giving you constant baklinks to your site or web 2.0 properties.

Forum signatures or thread links can point towards virtually anything when it’s relevant.

So basically, you shoud find an angle to tell others what there’s been going around your business. For example if you have a video that is very relevant to a blog post, then you can mention the YouTube url inside the comment instead of using it in the website field.

Now, social bookmarking can almost be used for everything. But obviously, bookmarking a forum profile isn’t natural. Why would you bookmark a profile on a forum you are never active. Sure, you’re building a backlink to your backlink, it helps search engines. That doesn’t mean it should never be done, if you can find an angle. But in the approach of “building links that people would find natural”, it seems strange.

RSS feeds can be created for all your links, you may want to create separate feeds for different link sources. And then submit those to RSS aggregators.

Now here is some details about all the elements from the diagram.

Money Site – this is the site or page that you want to get traffic too. For any purpose, either getting a commission or getting an email on a form, or a like on your facebok page. Where the action takes place.

High PR Blog Network – This is the strongest links you can get to your money site. Use it to get links over time to it. These are strong enough to get ranked and some people only rely to them. But you will still want to add other links to keep things natural. Actually, we don’t care if those blogs recieve traffic, we just use them to get strong links and SERP boost. You normaly don’t have to create backlinks to the blogs in these networks as the owners generally do this to ensure your posts and links are indexed.

Web 2.0 properties – Web 2.0 sites were hot in the past, you’ve all heard about linkwheel. these are still powerful but needs to receive link juice too. There was a time when you could just create a linkwheel around a keyword and rank quickly. I never thought natural to have a squidoo page linking to a hubpage that had the same content, or at least content that means the same thing, cause it was spun. The better way to do it was either to keep the wheel NOT interconnected, thus having to link to them from other sources. Or having a differentunique article on each, then interlinking those would be fine. They have lost their power, still they are great to create a new layer of links on link pyramids for example.

Web 2.0 means user generated content. So it includes more than Squidoo or such, document sharing sites and video sites are in the web 2.0 category.

Doc sharing sites – Just like web 2.0 they were golden. There was a time that you can rank within 24 hours or less of publishing your document. Still a good way to get links.

Videos – YouTube is the biggest video site, it is also the biggest search engine. There are more search queries happening on YouTube than Google. YouTube is owned by Google and is still ranking on it and other search engines. Video can drive tons of traffic to your site or other pages that you want to promote. There’s more than YouTube though and you want to use these also to embed them in posts, web 2.0 content pages, social networks…

Blog comments – the ones that are not spammy. An easy way to get backlinks to your money site, video, fanpage. depending on what you want to promote you will have to decide if you put your link in the website field, or in the comment field. Sometimes you can just add it as a signature, but ou always want to be constructive in your comments. No “great post!” and then your backlink as a signature will be very effective. I like to quote a part of the article and comment on it and ask questions too.

.edu and .gov – Mostly blogs and blog comments too. These give some strong link juice, but again you have to play fair if ou want to get a chance to get approved. These can also be forums or other platforms that allow you to create content, where you will place your links. On moderated platforms I would only link to a main money site, not sure that .edu blog owners would approve a comment linking to a Squidoo page, though you never know. The key is to be constructive and targeted to the topic.

Press Release – To use when you have something news worthy. You just published your review or announced a bonus on your affiliate site, write one. Created your facebook fan page, go for it. A squeeze page where you give away a special report, again a press release is a great way to get links and rank better. Actually news sites rank well on search engines, and will receive traffic, so you want to be sure to have a message that encourages readers to visit your page.

Social Networks – Much necessary now to interact with others, but also to create social proof for your website. A popular website should certainly have a facebook fanpage or have people talk about it on social networks like twitter. So you need to get there.

Article Directories – I still believe article marketing works, I still see people sharing their experience by using them and making money. Just like web 2.0 sites they are nice to create a new layer of links, that you will then bookmark, or mention on a social network “written a new article…”, so people know about it and Search Engines too. Also, there are many article submission softwares, the best on the market being Article Marketing Robot. It can submit to thousands of directories, there are 1200 directories by default, but you can add much more on your own, there are many lists on forums. Once you get these many links, getting them indexed will give you a nice boost.

Forums – There are three type of links you can get from forums: signatures, profile links, thread links. Signatures are those links you can see at the bottom of each of your post. Profile links are those you create for your profile, you generally enter your home page url or anything else you want. Thread links are those you put inside a post, it is part of the discussion. These last ones may be the most important, because they bring direct traffic if they are relevant to the discussion. Forum profiles are more just additional backlinks, and nowadays are often deleted if you are not active. Signatures may also drive great traffic. If you are helpful on a forum and people see your links, they ma want to click on it. You want to make it catchy, and “sell a benefit” inside. You can link to virtually any place from forums, depending on the 3 link types.

Social Bookmarks – As I said earlier, bookmarks can be used for almost everything, though there are certainly places that would not seem natural to bookmark. Also to keep things natural you want to bookmark others stuff, hey maybe someone else’s blog post where you have a comment, but not necessarily. You can bookmark completely random things, and various places: a forum thread that you find interesting and where you encourage others to give their opinion because you already gave yours (with a link of course), a web 2.0 page, a video, deep posts from your site,social media pages… Social bookmarks are great to build links to your links, and can be also just made for YOU to remember what you like. So it doesn’t have to be made for others. But you want to keep a natural look to your account, so mix things up. And if you want a page of yours to make it to the first page of Digg naturally, submit killer content.

RSS – your site has an rss feed, your web 2.0 pages have rss feed, your article directories accounts have too, your video site profiles too. They can all be submitted to RSS aggregators and give more power to your links. Also, you can create an RSS feed from a list of backlinks, and then submit this one too. It helps getting your backlinks indexed. So ALL backlinks you have everywhere, can be contained in one or preferrably multiple XML feeds.

Web Directories – These are maybe the least important links. You will only use those for your own sites. The reason why you want to get those, is not for the SEO power they bring. But all things equal with you competitors, they could make a difference. And, as it looks natural to have a popular important site mentioned on social networks,I guess it is also natural to be listed on important web directories.


You can almost link everything together, as long as you can find an angle to do so, and that your link is relevant, from site to site. When a type of site have various ways to drop a link you will have to decide which one is the most appropriate but that shouldn’t be a proble at all if you do things naturally. Always ask the question to yourself, what resource would I like to be presented here with, if I needed. What do I want to see from others? that’s putting yourself in others shoes and building a serious and natural link web that will attract traffic.

More traffic sources can be added to those, we haven’t talk about banner ads, or pay per click advertising, but these would certainly be used to drive traffic directly to the money site.

I hope it was helpful for you. You can download the diagram (by the way, it was created ith the Draw module from Google Docs), just right click and save 😉

Also, if you have yours, just share it!

ScrapeBox – No, It’s Not A Spam Tool

I am a proud owner of ScrapeBox, I bought it when in the first months of its release. An awesome piece of software. A hated spam tool for many (those who don’t use it) or one of the best link finding program of the market. And much more.

Blog Commenting

Yes you can use ScrapeBox for spamming if this is your intention, I can not stop you. This is not how I build links but I know it’s been a little bit promoted as such. Scrape thousands of blogs, enter spun comments and BOOM it goes commenting on all those blogs on autopilot.

Of course, that is certainly not the best way to use it and how I recommend marketing your sites. Though I guess some people get great results like this. I have to admit that I tried that, but there is even a good way to do it. Still, I don’t like spam, and thus there’s so many other ways to use it which are much more powerful.

I’m mentioning it because I’ve seen people complaining about this software, how an abomination it is. Strange stories, an example I’ve seen saying it is ineffective because they saw people selling high PR blogs lists where you can comment, and the post is not high PR, only the domain. Thus this is because the seller used ScrapeBox to only harvest urls and only checking the domains PR. Huh… okay but that’s not ScrapeBox fault if a seller doesn’t deliver. All sort of strange stories of people who don’t use it. I can understand people who get spammed are pissed, guess what: I am too. I get spam too, and I hate that. That doesn’t mean such a tool should not exist.

If you think getting a few high PR backlinks is worth it then, this is exactly one of the reason I use it. And yes there are do follow sites, as well as nofollow ones. I guess that even if you get few PR6 and PR7 nofollow links this would make a difference. If those are dofollow even better.

Especially when those posts have absolutely no outbound links, or amlmost none. I’m serious, I’ve been harvesting tons of URLs, and found a lot that didn’t have a single comment. So even if it’s nofollow, I guess the blog owner will be happy to receive a comment. Of course I comment manually too.

But really you can find a lot of various places to leave a non spammy backlink. Don’t spam, it really sucks. Sure some of your comments will be approved, but there’s more than blogs where you can add your link. USe our brain and you will get ideas.

But if we had to stick to blog comments, the simplest way to get high PR blogs will be to type hundreds of keywords. Then check the PR, remove low ones. Check outbound links.Check if comments are open. Remove those with a certain number of comments. Check dofollow or nofollow. And you’re starting to get a nice list of links.

You can get ScrapeBox for $57 if you search on forums, instead of $97 on the official site. Search for it on Google, you will find it. You just need to learn how to use it properly. I use proxies, only free ones. I test them first and I’m ready to go.

There are also a lot of addons to perform some SEO tasks and analysis. For example you can extract links from a website, internal and external. That means, if you find a high PR blog, you can extract links to get a list of more blog posts. And then check the PR of this new list. Many times when you find a high PR blog post, there are more on the same blog. And if this blog is in your niche and the topic interests you then I don’t see a problem to comment several posts, with a genuine comment. And even if it’s not in your niche. As long as you don’t spam. That’s what I’m doing.

Another great thing about it is that it’s constantly updated. There are updates for the main program as well as all the addons.

Use it for finding great link sources, or reverse engineer what your competitors are doing, and you can implement some terrific SEO strategies then.

Forums Signatures and Thread Links

Just as you can harvest blogs, you can also do the same for forums. You can add your own footprint to search for specific forum platforms with your keywords in your niche. Then, checking PR, dofollow and so on. You may find few foru threads ith PR and not too many links. If you have some knowledge (which should be the case if it’s your niche), you can post a reply, with your link if it’s worthwile and relevant.

Your signature can also be dofollow, so you can edd your link here. Now many forums want that you have a certain minimum number of posts before you can post any link or your signature becomes visible. If that is the case, play the game fairly. Don’t spam, add great contributions and with time people will want to visit your links.

Forum posting can also be outsourced. Just like blog comments. Once you have a list of those, you can simply forward instructions to a commenter or poster which will do it for you. Tell him about non spammy comment, relevant, engaging, constructive comments. Ask for a minimum of words or sentences per comment. As long as you get genuine in your contribution there’s no reason that you get banned.

Use It For Content Ideas

By harvesting URLs in your niche you can find blog posts that you want to comment on, and the topics adressed in these posts may be worth an article on your blog. Your own version of the story after you read few ones. Sometimes, I just see in the list of URLs harvested a title that immediately triggers an article idea.

Also you can scrape in a super targeted way. For example you may not have the idea of the topic. But you may know the keywords you want to include, primary, secondary keywords, LSI terms, etc. Well you can then just harvest pages that contain the words you want, simply. With the right search operators you can make some advanced keyword research that some other marketers would call ninja tricks.

ScrapeBox can also scrape various sources for generating keywords. Search engines of course, with suggestions from those, but also Amazon and other shopping sources. So by just entering few seed keywords, either a product type or a brand you get more related keywords that you can turn into articles for your site after you analyzed those.

 Checking Backlinks

Once you have created an SEO campaign, you generally get a report. You may have outsourced a SENuke Campaign and then received a report wherea backlinkto your site has been posted, but profiles links can be deleted pretty quickly, and maybe some posts didn’t go trough. You can simply load the links and run the backlink checker. By the way you can download this checker for free on the  ScrapeBox site.

You may also simply want to check if the guy really did the job and didn’t gave you a fake report.

Just A Tool

ScrapeBox is a software. Just a tool that YOU use. And you can use it the way you want, with the hat color of your choice. There are many addons to help you automate tedious tasks, from research to analysis, which is difinitely great for SEO. It does what some others don’t and quite frankly at $57 ONE TIME, it would be a shame to not give it a try.

The controversy will go one. Spammers will use it for spam. Others will create their own complex strategy to find great link sources, and much more than just stuff related to link building. Hey there’s even a chess game. Anyway, once you know ow to use it, you will know this is an awesome software, that is also constantly updated.

The Link Juicer Review – My Experience

Hi again, earlier I posted about a blog network I joined few months ago, this is The Link Juicer. And I guess this will serve as a review. So the Link Juicer is certainly not the most popular blog network, but it still does what most do: syndicating content on blogs, and building links to your money site as well as the blogs your content got syndicated.

So this ensure you get your backlinks indexed and give you some great link juice. They even ping every bookmarks and post, create an XML feed and submit it to RSS sites.It shouldgive me great rankings… well, that was the theory.

My The Link Juicer Review

By visiting The Link Juicer, I found it a great deal, because it was supposed to really interesting Web2.0 sites and used great social bookmarking sites as for boosting your backlinks. When you see a picture like the one below (on the Overview page), it is very interesting:

The Link Juicer Review

And that’s just the “what you could get after a few days”, the “what you could get after few weeks” diagram is even more impressive. But I guess I should have read between the line because this overview of how it works and what you can achieve is actually just an “example” and not what is really provided as a service.

At the bottom of the page we can read ” Diagrams are illustrative and non-contractual. The actual sites supported by The Link Juicer may vary from time to time.” Let me tell you, this must have changed a lot, cause you will not get many links from those web 2.0 sites and they really should remove these diagrams and simply say that you will get links from WPMU blogs and only few social bookmarking sites.

The blogs where your content is syndicate don’t have a high PR, if any. Even if I know PR is not only factor to get you rankings, other blog networks have those, andit seems to provide rankings. You don’t get content posted to ay squidoo or hubpage or or blogger. More like WordPress MU blogs.

And the  social bookmarks are only from few sites, maybe 2 or 3. I think I only got some from diigo (mainly), linkagogo and delicious.

Now, I really wanted to like this more than I do. I guess they will tell me that to get better rankings I should have less campaigns running so I could use more posts per day per campaign. Let me explain.

Indeed with your Link Juicer account, you can get upto 50 links per day. You choose how much you want. So if you create 10 campaigns you can choose to have 5 links created per day to each, or more for one campaign and less for another. It’s up to you.

So I created several campaigns, spreading links from 3 to 6 per day. I know you will say it’s maybe not enough but quite frankly after few months this still got me few hundreds of backlinks per campaign. Now, maybe these need to be indexed a little more, but I thought that this is what The Link Juicer would do automatically with social bookmarks, pinging and XML submissions.

I asked to the support why I only get bookmarks from diigo and linkagogo. Well, they answered:

“There were a number of public bookmarking sites. One by one they either bit the dust or changed their interface which broke our code. We plan to review this and add some more. The priority right now is to have a strong base of wordpress blogs and then to go after the bmk sites again.”

I don’t know how strong and when this will be the case but I don’t think I’ve seen an improvement on the network really. No communication about this.

So now, what are the results?

Well, nothing to brag about. Again, maybe it is because I haven’t used enough backlinks per campaign, but after 3 months… And for not so competitive keywords either.

On the 5 campaigns that I really wanted to see improvements in rankings, only one keyword seems to have moved, from 16 to 8. I have to say some of my other keywords were already on page 1. I sometimes saw a bit of movement and then back and stuck to the same positions, or even lower rankings.

Will I stay subscribed?

Well, I really want to try Build My Rank. But first I will let another chance to The Link Juicer, though I already have my idea on who is the most competitive. That’s the last month.

You can receive up to 50 links per day. And each campaign can receive a maximum of 20 links per day. So what I will do is increase the number of links per day to 20 on two campaigns and to 10 on one. This way I’ll get only 3 campaigns running, two at their maximum.

TheLinkJuicer has upgrade options so you can have more links per day to spread on your campaigns. This is still 50 links per day per account, and you can upgrade with 5 accounts increments.

The Link Juicer is $47 per month.

What you get?

  • 50 links per day (1500 a month) automatically built to your site and blog posts linking to your site.
  • The ability to spin content (title, description for bookmarks, tags…)
  • A free 30 day trial.

Should you join?

Why not? It’s certainly worth a try, but I guess you want to go with the settings I tols you earlier. Go for a lower number of campigns and build more backlinks to those every day, just as I explained. There is a 30 days free trial. Posts need to be between 100 and 250 words. So prepare those posts in advance. Spin the content, title and bookmark text used both for your blog posts and the URL you will promote. If you join and don’t have content ready, you will lose a few days of using the service, even if it’s free for the first month.

Join and create 3 of those posts inside the members area and you can see if your 3 campaigns get some good. Click here to join The Link Juicer.

By joining now, and just for trying you can create a campaign that will have 600 links (20 links x 30 days) automatically built, spread between your site and your blog posts in one month. For free. If you don’t see major movements, cancel. Though I admit a site may need more than 30 days to see results, there’s no money back guarantee for the second month (which is a paid one) since you already got the first for free.

Let’s see if results change with these new settings.

I will update on that experiment in a month, well it’s going to be Christmas so maybe a bit later or before if things change.

See you soon.

SEO Experiments And Observations After 6 Months

Hey all, hope everything is well for you, and your family and friends and well everyone you like. It’s been Thanksgiving for the countries that celebrate it so I guess some of you enjoyed that time with your closed ones. And if I’m correct this is Black Friday today. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about celebrations, or at least that’s not the main purpose of this post.

First, it’s been about 6 months since my last post on Internet Marketing Trip. I know, I know… I’m not a great blogger it seems, but I try to tell you things that I think matter, and if I don’t receive tons of visits because of the lack of updates, it doesn’t really matter. That blog will still get seen by a few and may help.

So during these 6 months (I wasn’t in vacation), few things have happened, I tried few experiments on my niche sites, trying to get better rankings, higer income, implemeinting other strategies. Not everything worked, but it gave me some insights, that I will share with you if you agree.

Before I go on, if you don’t know me, I’m mainly doing affiliate marketing, building review sites that I market via SEO. So I will mainly discuss the various SEO works I’ve been involved in.

(Let me log in to my PayPal account so I can check what I paid and subscribed to… and cancelled)

Blog Comments

Let’s start with Actually Rank – a service by Chris Rempel. If you know me, you certainly know I’m a huge fan of what Chris does, and I thought that joining AR would be a great deal. Well, I stayed two months subscribed, and then I thought it wasn’t the best bang for my buck I could get. Of course I’m commenting about it 5 to 6 months later and things may have improved.

I expected much more quality sources. Maybe I should have waited, but I think I took the right decision to cancel my subscription. Let me explain. Actually Rank provides you a list of blog posts where you can comment on. these blogs are all PR2+ and dofollow. It was great on the paper. Their system even has a rating score based on several SEO factors that are definitely great, no doubt about this. But I never bothered going through the 2000 links I got each month.

Indeed a lot of the best rated source I got were “bad” blogs. Which in the system means you either can’t comment on (comments closed), or site is not in english, or page doesn’t exist or other things like that that don’t allow you to place your comment.

Now, the service was made for those who also wanted to outsource their blog commenting. Great, but still my assistant would have to waste some time filtering out bad blogs. They had a feature where you could export all the links, which was good, but then removed it. The reason is that you could use these supposedly great blogs in softwares like ScrapeBox and spam the hell out of these.

I understood that, though ScrapeBox is much more than a spamming tool, and is only a spamming tool if you use it for spam. It does much more than that, and can very well give me thousands of high PR blogs I can comment on MANUALLY too. I’ll make a post just about it soon.

If I was able to import those links to ScrapeBox, I could have checked if the comments were open and if the page was still live (no Error 404 or the like).

That’s the first part of why I cancelled: the link source itself. Note that I DID comment on those blogs. I used the service because I truly believe that I didn’t need too many backlinks from those to rank, well I guess you need more than”only a few”.

That’s my experience. Still I know Chris shoots for quality stuff and I guess he will do its best to improve it. So it is still an option you can have a look to.

The second reason is the price. I entered at $69 per month, it is now $89 for the lite package. I think that getting only a list of blog posts for that price is a lot. For this price you can have comments written for you. Sure these are high quality dofollow blogs that re not spammed. But I can get a list of blogs like this (thanks ScrapeBox) for a one time fee of $57. And even if you tell me that you still have to run the software, well no, you can outsource it. Browse forums or go to sites like oDesk and search for ScrapeBox services and ask them to get you a list of High Pr blog posts, dofollow or not (upto you for natural profile), with low outbound links, filtered according to your own criterias. It can be done each month, and you then forward this to a blog commenter for manual, high quality comments.

But there’s even better. It seems contextual backlinks are strong, and on high PR blogs too. Even if I know PR is not the factor that determines ranking, it still is a score for some authority in the eye of Google. And they use it. So instead of blog commenting, you could subscribe to a blog network such as Build My Rank for $60 per month, and you will get links that will land on the homepage of High PR blogs. Sure you have to write the posts, or outsource it, the same way you would have to outsource blog commenting.

For Build My Rank, you just need 150 words posts. Quality non spun content. They will disapprove any bad content. And guess what, you can find writers that will post to your account and guarantee approval. So if their content is rejected, they fix it. It is a lot of work to post dozens of posts every day. I’ll have to write more about this in my next post.

This leads us to…

Blog Networks

Well, blog comments can certainly give you a huge boost. But I have to say, it seems blog networks are quite a fantastic way to get higher rankings. I subscribed to one, more on that later. Why I recommend you to join a blog network (or find a service that can submit posts to blog networks for you using their acount), is simply upon observation.

It took me some time to decide if I should jump in or not. I certainly wanted to see if others would get results, but certainly I didn’t want to waste money. Plus there are now quite many networks out there, all with good and not so good reviews. But the fact is that these work.

Here’s something you can try, go to ClickBank and check the e-Business and e-Marketing category. You will see the current top internet marketing products. Type those into Google, adding the word review, or bonus or just the name of the product alone. You will see affiliate sites that have been built especially for those products as they use the keyword (name of product) in their domain.

You will also see some blogs that have reviews for all these products. They are ranking for all products. If you analyze their backlinks, these come from blog networks. Now that Yahoo Site Explorer is dead, you can try, and You will see homepage backlinks, actually, since these are blogs the posts are pushed in the archive and not appear on the home page anymore, but they have been indexed at that time.

Build My Rank is the one I would recommend upon my observations, again that’s only my observations. But still, I’ve seen PR2+ blogs linking to those same blogs again and again.

In my next post I’ll tell you more about blog networks and the one I use. I’ll publish that today.

Blogs are not the only SEO power you need

There’s much more than blogs to build links. Really outsourcing is absolutely needed once you want to have multiple sites, or want to promote more than one product on one site. It depends at the spped you want your business to grow.

So I’m not going to  make this post too much longer and talk about all aspects of SEO. But really, if you are not ranking, you may need to do or add something different. I’m not talking about competition, if you decided to go for top spot for broad terms like weight loss, finance, loans it will take a looooooong time.

Since the purpose of this post was to tell you what I’ve been doing during these 6 months, let’s go on.

SEO: Link Diversity

Recently I’ve been looking for All in one solutions, to have someone do link building to my sites, using a variety of link sources. There are quite a few on forums, but you could just go on Fiverr and check out for some SENuke services. I have tried few providers and some do really a good job.

Another source you can have a look to is WickedFire forum, especially their Links and SEO section where people sell their services. I’ve found one with some great work done for quite cheap. It’s, and here is their SERP Power Booster pack, they have others I consider too, but it seems this one has some nice link power for just under $40. What’s cool is the submission to blog networks, which will have blog posts drip fed for 2-3 months, plus they boost your backlinks too.

For other services you may find, you will have to get your links indexed. Building thousands of backlinks for your site means nothing if search engines never find them.

So you can use indexing services, or crawling services. These are not the same, crawling is cheaper, it is just to get your links spidered by search engine bots, and eventually some will get indexed. There is a debate on what you should do, if indexing or crawling is better. The truth is that most crawling services allow you to submit thousands of backlinks, so in the end you still get many of your links indexed.

I joined LinkClaw (elite package), for a one time fee of $47 (normally $97), which allows me  to submit upto 100,000 backlinks, and a total of 1000 domains. Their other packages are cheaper. There is a one time offer for $17 per month for unlimited sites and links. good if you’re doing it for others or blasting links from all over the web.

Others I consider joining are (they have a free package), and (50,000 links per day), but I will first see what LinkClaw can do for me, and anyway this was a one time fee. I have to admit I only joined LinkClaw few days ago so I need to wait a little bit to report results, but this will come soon.

Here are other All in One Solutions I’ve found.

  • Linking Made Easy
  • SERP Rockets – I want to try their package, they have some social media boost, which is now required to get better rankings or strenghten your authority/trust.


As I said, I used Fiverr many times, either to get content or to get links. I have always found good providers. It’s not that hard, you just need to search for what you want, sort by populartity or rating, read the reviews, and ask for a fix if it is needed. Don’t hesitate to open conversation with a provider if you want to know more.

This is the place where I got several SENuke campaigns made for me. But this is also where you can order several different link building campaigns and have a totally custom link building plan for your site. What I mean is that you can order an SENuke service from one guy, and a bunch of edu/gov backlinks from another one, and an article written, spun and submitted with Article Marketing Robot, and a press release written and submitted, and a video created and distributed… and so on. I just mentioned 5 types of gig, and that would only cost you $25.

And if you want to make some quick bucks you can create an offer for an all in one seo service on a forum and outsource the various tasks to Fiverr. It costs you $25 to do the above, you charge $50. It’s a simple middle man strategy that many others have been doing with sucess. Plus you get paid first, prior to outsource. Of course you need to get good and reliable providers first.


Content itself is an essential element of SEO. There are on-site SEO factors such as title, h1, h2, h3 tags, description, keywords placement, alt tags and so on, but if you forget about these, you’re left with… CONTENT.

Is it still king? I don’t know. What I know is that great content that give what the visitor is searching for is certainly what you should aim for. And it seems that longer posts such as 1000 words one are preferred. I know, that sucks if you used to hear “500 words minimum”. Especially when you pay for content, the cost is now double!

Still I’m not sure all your content should be over 1000 words every time. Just like you don’t want to use the single SAME strategy for link building to avoid footprints, you also want to get great content from 250 words, to 2000 words. Acutally I don’t even know if there is a limit.

But I’ve read a lot from others and yes, great quality content and long posts rank better according to many. And some people only even rely on their content. They just add one 1000 words everyday to their site. This is maybe the difference between focusing on ONE website or spreading your efforts on multiple niche websites. And if you’ve been in the game for a while you may have created few small websites that need to be maintained and that’s a lot of work.

However only have one website means having all your eggs in the same basket. If that site doesn’t get any traffic anymore because it loses its ranking… it may become hard to come back. Although I think that if you always created your site with quality content in mind you shouldn’t get any trouble.

Now, you may want to try these kind of sites. Sure it may look a lot of work, but that’s just one article a day, and that’s a long term strategy. In few weeks you will post less often. As I’ve said, some people only rely on their content, they don’t do any kind of link building. Natural links will come if people find it, I’m sure you have already seen sites ranking with no incoming links, or very little.

Are Content and SEO Links quality always needed?

I’d say yes, and common sense. However there cases where it seems nothing seems to be done with quality in mind and still people can rank.

There is a ClickBank product which is a bestselling in its category, I’m also promoting it. So I’ve seen competitors sites. Well the top site (yeah number 1) for both the product name, and review keywords has only ONE page of content, about 450 words. And all the backlinks seem to be crappy blog comments. Thousands of them I guess blasted with ScrapeBox on autoapproved blogs.

For this same product, there is another website, I guess from the same guy(s) since the design is exactly the same. But the content is terrible. No sentences seem related and make sense, but the keyword is included here and there. It’s just one big block of content. This second one was also on first page, I checked today they are on the second page of Google.

So either these guys are trying an experiment and it works, or they do it with multiple sites and since they rank why would they give a chance to quality? Just one page of content, a comments blast and you’re on first page. There’s certainly something to learn and this will have to be tried too.


Okay this post is approaching the 2700 words  so I may end it now. I have more to post but let’s stay a little bit organized.

I will see you very soon as I’m going to post new articles about stuff I’ve been using and recommend. For now let’s sum up:

  • You may want to join a blog network. One that seem to be a quality one is BuilMyRank, I’ll give you my review once I join, and tell you about others as well.
  • Link diversity: You need to have links from awide variety of source. Everyhing you know. It certainly has to be consistent but see next tip or previous one for links that continually come to your site.
  • You also want to index your backlinks, it’s building links to your links. LinkClaw (my link to the 50% discount) ensures they all get crawled.
  • Post great content to your site, try with various lenght, and preferrably with longer ones. You will attract links naturally.
  • Add some social proof: you need backlinks from tweets and Facebook or Google+.
  • Try something different. If you’ve been doing the same things over and over, andit does’t give you the results you want, try something else. Test, tweak, improve.

There is much more (such as domain age) that now plays a role into rankings. But let’s start with those will you?


Just Testing Windows Live Writer


I just saw I got an email from Matt Wadsworth about blogging from your desktop, and just like Matt, I never used Windows Live Writer. This is actually the first time I’m writing a post with it.

I thought it was just a text editing software such as MS Word or something of the like, but that’s a great little software that allow you to post on typepad, blogger or WordPress blogs, and of course live spaces.

Mac users may not be able to use it since that’s a Windows program.

It seems the program tries to retrieve your blog layout and display it in its box. From what I’m seeing, it doesn’t look exactly like my blog (my header is not complete, I can’t see my sidebar), but it’s not disturbing, there is a preview tab that let’s you see your post, so it’s ok. You just type your title and then start to enter your post.

I still don’t know at this time how will look the post. I encourage you to check the link and read Matt’s post since he’s sharing the keyboard shortcuts he uses to access the functionalities of the software faster. You can set categories, enter your keywords (maybe that’s the tags and not the keywords to enter in the ALL in One SEO pack box)

Okay, I’m ready to publish, will see 😉

WP InstantPay – Integrate Paypal Payments With Your Blog!

WP InstantPay is finally released. If you know the guys from Incansoft, you know they have really cool automation tools at great prices. Some of their releases include SocialBot, RSSBot, ArticleBot… I think each of these products is under $30. I have all their bots, or almost all. Anyway, today I got an email from them, about WP InstantPay.

What is WP InstantPay?

Well I think I’ve put it in the title. This is a WordPress plugin that will let you integrate PayPal in your blog. You can thus receive payments for anything you sell on your blog. Now that’s cool since you won’t have to do some technical work and browse all the PayPal documentation to have a button on your site. It’s made easy.

And there’s another very cool feature: it splits payments automatically. So if you want to have your own in house affiliate program, you can do so! The payments are directly splitted between you and your affiliate.

This is something I really appreciate, in the past there were some other scripts used for commissions paid by Paypal. The script would say you get 50% commission, actually you would get 100% every 2 sales. So actually you don’t get paid anything on the first sale, but on the second one. I didn’t want to make some efforts to realize I made 3 sales, and got paid commissions for only 2.

With WP InstantPay now released, I hope merchants will switch to it and thus allow a commission on all sales. If you want to have an affiliate program, you will need a PayPal API, that you will easily get from your account, you need a PayPal Business account first. Not needed for simple payments (no splits).

Now I guess for us little marketers who may want to create their own product, WP InsantPay will allow many to start their own selling blog.

The documentation on WP InstantPay website is very complete and tells you everything you will need to make this a smooth integration. There are much more features: 3rd tier, emails (so you can send your affiliates, or customers), pre-made templates for emails sent after purchases, product lists…


I guess you may have PLRs (articles, softwares…) with resell rights on your computer, then you can already start selling those.

And if you’re a freelancer why not sell your services? It can be an easy way to receive orders for articles, design, backlinks or whatever you have to offer.

Create your own reports: have some short eBooks, even at $7-$10 each, few sales each week can be a nice income if you create several of these reports.

Of course, I know you could have done it without it, but I’m all for going the easiest way of doing things. And I’m sure you are too. It’s a worthwile investment, for now it’s $67. That’s a great price considering the potential profits it can help you to create.

Here’s my link:WP InstantPay

Outsourcing For Cheap: My Crowdsourcing Experiments

Hey folks, it’s been a while since I’ve not updated this place but I’m here to day to talk about outsourcing. That actually whay I wasn’t here, I tried to look for some cool places, and if you remember I shared with you some micro jobs sites few weeks ago.

So as you may know, crowdsourcing is a type of outsourcing that get you taks done by many persons instead of just one. For example, if you want an article to be rewritten, instead of having one person to rewrite te whole article, you can have one person for each sentence.

The article can thus be rewritten very fast, the rewriter doesn’t really have to think about a complete angle for the article, he/she just focus on one sentence and that’s it.

Now this would be beautiful if some people can just understand instructions, which are very basic. I’m not unhappy for poor english, I have nothing against non english native persons, I’m not myself. But when you give clear instructions, you expect tese are respected.

Now of course with those sites, when you’re not satisfied, you’re can reject the work and you get your money back. Yes, but it wastes time. And outsourcing is supposed to save you time. Here’s an experiment I just had, I mean ended in the last 5 minutes.


It was with

There is something with them I don’t like and that’s you have to assign the task to 30 persons minimum. For some tasks like digging a website, increasing views, that’s okay.It can be a total waste for other tasks I’m going to tell you about later.

Yesterday I asked for an article to be rewritten. So of course I must pay for 30 rewrites, even though I would just need 10. In my instructions I clearly say I want the content to be totally unique, to not just change a word here and there or turn sentences from active to passive mode. I wanted new wordings, same meanings. I required fluent english, correct grammar and syntax.

I choose Philipines workers as I know they can do a good job, at least I already worked with some in the paste and was extremely satisfied.

Well today 3 rewrites were already done… One was acceptable, with 80% uniqueness. That’s good, though I still had to fix few things, it was expected.

The 2 others were really useless. One provided me 15% uniqueness, and the other… less than 4%! That’s right over 96% duplicate content. He or she clearly just changed a few words here and there and that’s it.

At the time I wrote my instructions I remember I said that the worker must know what article rewriting is. This part has been removed during the review process but still the part for “totally unique and original” was kept. So yeah, I’m disappointed with this. I guess I should give a link for an example of total rewrite but I’m not even sure some people will make the effort of checking what I really want.

Anyway I stopped this campaign to not waste more time.

There are some jobs that you should use them for, but as I said for some other tasks it’s really not worth it. For Yahoo! Answers that’s useless. I mean the task you can assign for Yahoo! Answers in the employer interface is “Answer + Link in resource box”.

So basically, you will have 30 people answering the same thing or almost close to it and give the same link to your website. That looks totally unnatural to me. When you vote for a best answer, it’s to get the answer and your link considered as better than others, and of course get good traffic.

For that sole purpose you don’t need 30 answers, one is sufficient. There are other places you can get your job done by just one person if that’s just what you need.

So what I think is of course you can ask for te answer and maybe stop the campaign as soon as you got what you wanted. If you got 3 persons do the tasks it will not be really fair to reject all 29 that you didn’t want.


I don’t know about mTurk by Amazon since it’s open to US residents only.

But ShortTask is one I use. Now one advice you MUST be very clear in your instructions as some really don’t do a good job. You can reject the work too. But to not waste your time be specific.

With there is something you must do too if you don’t want some “smart” people to abuse your money. And that’s to tick the box that says you want the job done only ONCE per worker.

It depends of the job of course. But last month, I forgot to tick that box for a URL to submit to digg. I just wanted 10 diggs for a test. The same guy filled the 10 positions, of course since he got just one digg account I just had one digg. You have to keep in mind some workers don’t know how internet marketing works.

Also, for tracking purpose I shortened a URL that I wanted to bookmark on reddit. So I used I asked the workers to open the url in their browser, and the new and now expanded url should be copied and pasted to reddit. Well, gues which URL I got bookmarked on reddit? The one.

Again be specific, though I think on this one I was, it may show that you got what you pay for. So now I don’t hide my URL and just provide it as is to prevent that mistake to happen again.

My conclusion

You must be careful in the instructions you give, you must choose the right tasks to outsource there. The simplest will be the best to send there. You will have to test and tweak yourself to learn how things work and get the best results. It can be a really good help for your business.

I’m still going to use these sites, but I will also create more systems to help me. I’ll tell you about these later.

Now another place I’ve just started to use yesterday is Fiverr. I know it’s been around for a while but never gave it a shot. So now it’s time and you can find awesome deals that are just awesome. I’ve seen the same jobs done offered on various forums for upto 6 times more. (This should give you an idea of middleman business ;))

Okay have a great week end and see you next time.