ScrapeBox – No, It’s Not A Spam Tool

I am a proud owner of ScrapeBox, I bought it when in the first months of its release. An awesome piece of software. A hated spam tool for many (those who don’t use it) or one of the best link finding program of the market. And much more.

Blog Commenting

Yes you can use ScrapeBox for spamming if this is your intention, I can not stop you. This is not how I build links but I know it’s been a little bit promoted as such. Scrape thousands of blogs, enter spun comments and BOOM it goes commenting on all those blogs on autopilot.

Of course, that is certainly not the best way to use it and how I recommend marketing your sites. Though I guess some people get great results like this. I have to admit that I tried that, but there is even a good way to do it. Still, I don’t like spam, and thus there’s so many other ways to use it which are much more powerful.

I’m mentioning it because I’ve seen people complaining about this software, how an abomination it is. Strange stories, an example I’ve seen saying it is ineffective because they saw people selling high PR blogs lists where you can comment, and the post is not high PR, only the domain. Thus this is because the seller used ScrapeBox to only harvest urls and only checking the domains PR. Huh… okay but that’s not ScrapeBox fault if a seller doesn’t deliver. All sort of strange stories of people who don’t use it. I can understand people who get spammed are pissed, guess what: I am too. I get spam too, and I hate that. That doesn’t mean such a tool should not exist.

If you think getting a few high PR backlinks is worth it then, this is exactly one of the reason I use it. And yes there are do follow sites, as well as nofollow ones. I guess that even if you get few PR6 and PR7 nofollow links this would make a difference. If those are dofollow even better.

Especially when those posts have absolutely no outbound links, or amlmost none. I’m serious, I’ve been harvesting tons of URLs, and found a lot that didn’t have a single comment. So even if it’s nofollow, I guess the blog owner will be happy to receive a comment. Of course I comment manually too.

But really you can find a lot of various places to leave a non spammy backlink. Don’t spam, it really sucks. Sure some of your comments will be approved, but there’s more than blogs where you can add your link. USe our brain and you will get ideas.

But if we had to stick to blog comments, the simplest way to get high PR blogs will be to type hundreds of keywords. Then check the PR, remove low ones. Check outbound links.Check if comments are open. Remove those with a certain number of comments. Check dofollow or nofollow. And you’re starting to get a nice list of links.

You can get ScrapeBox for $57 if you search on forums, instead of $97 on the official site. Search for it on Google, you will find it. You just need to learn how to use it properly. I use proxies, only free ones. I test them first and I’m ready to go.

There are also a lot of addons to perform some SEO tasks and analysis. For example you can extract links from a website, internal and external. That means, if you find a high PR blog, you can extract links to get a list of more blog posts. And then check the PR of this new list. Many times when you find a high PR blog post, there are more on the same blog. And if this blog is in your niche and the topic interests you then I don’t see a problem to comment several posts, with a genuine comment. And even if it’s not in your niche. As long as you don’t spam. That’s what I’m doing.

Another great thing about it is that it’s constantly updated. There are updates for the main program as well as all the addons.

Use it for finding great link sources, or reverse engineer what your competitors are doing, and you can implement some terrific SEO strategies then.

Forums Signatures and Thread Links

Just as you can harvest blogs, you can also do the same for forums. You can add your own footprint to search for specific forum platforms with your keywords in your niche. Then, checking PR, dofollow and so on. You may find few foru threads ith PR and not too many links. If you have some knowledge (which should be the case if it’s your niche), you can post a reply, with your link if it’s worthwile and relevant.

Your signature can also be dofollow, so you can edd your link here. Now many forums want that you have a certain minimum number of posts before you can post any link or your signature becomes visible. If that is the case, play the game fairly. Don’t spam, add great contributions and with time people will want to visit your links.

Forum posting can also be outsourced. Just like blog comments. Once you have a list of those, you can simply forward instructions to a commenter or poster which will do it for you. Tell him about non spammy comment, relevant, engaging, constructive comments. Ask for a minimum of words or sentences per comment. As long as you get genuine in your contribution there’s no reason that you get banned.

Use It For Content Ideas

By harvesting URLs in your niche you can find blog posts that you want to comment on, and the topics adressed in these posts may be worth an article on your blog. Your own version of the story after you read few ones. Sometimes, I just see in the list of URLs harvested a title that immediately triggers an article idea.

Also you can scrape in a super targeted way. For example you may not have the idea of the topic. But you may know the keywords you want to include, primary, secondary keywords, LSI terms, etc. Well you can then just harvest pages that contain the words you want, simply. With the right search operators you can make some advanced keyword research that some other marketers would call ninja tricks.

ScrapeBox can also scrape various sources for generating keywords. Search engines of course, with suggestions from those, but also Amazon and other shopping sources. So by just entering few seed keywords, either a product type or a brand you get more related keywords that you can turn into articles for your site after you analyzed those.

 Checking Backlinks

Once you have created an SEO campaign, you generally get a report. You may have outsourced a SENuke Campaign and then received a report wherea backlinkto your site has been posted, but profiles links can be deleted pretty quickly, and maybe some posts didn’t go trough. You can simply load the links and run the backlink checker. By the way you can download this checker for free on the¬† ScrapeBox site.

You may also simply want to check if the guy really did the job and didn’t gave you a fake report.

Just A Tool

ScrapeBox is a software. Just a tool that YOU use. And you can use it the way you want, with the hat color of your choice. There are many addons to help you automate tedious tasks, from research to analysis, which is difinitely great for SEO. It does what some others don’t and quite frankly at $57 ONE TIME, it would be a shame to not give it a try.

The controversy will go one. Spammers will use it for spam. Others will create their own complex strategy to find great link sources, and much more than just stuff related to link building. Hey there’s even a chess game. Anyway, once you know ow to use it, you will know this is an awesome software, that is also constantly updated.

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