Shoemoney System – Jeremy Shoemaker’s Internet Marketing Course

It was expected by many people, many affiliate marketers, well almost everyone in the industry. Jeremy Shoemaker, alias Shoemoney, launched his internet marketing course yesterday. This is the first time he does something like that, and this is huge. I guess you are all aware of this, as I’m sure you already know the guy.

I think he is one of the big name I’ve started to read the blog. When I first get started, I learnt about AdSense, and you certainly have seen his most popular photo on his blog, the one he’s showing a $132k check… Inspiring, of course. More than just sharing photos, he’ been sharing lots of tips on making money online, he helped people a lot, though he likes to remind ShoeMoney is a personal blog, and he speaks about everything in life.

His course comes after 10 years of internet marketing, so you can be sure the stuff he has is damn good, and accurate. Now please just visit the ShoeMoney System website and read the page, there’s something absolutely mindblowing.

He’s going to give you $2,500 of FREE advertising. I couldn’t believe this. Because of his work throughout the years he got some great deals with ad networks like Google, Facebook, MySpace, Azoogle and few others, and each member will get $2500 to advertise their business and offers. Now don’t tell me you can’t get traffic!

The ShoeMoney System is a video training program, you’ll have one year of training, a new video posted every 3 or 4 days. That’s BIG.

Okay, check the ShoeMoney System and get your seat fast ’cause it’s limited to 500 persons.

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