So What Outsourcing and Automation Can Do For You

My last posts have all been focused around outsourcing and automation. And that one is just a kind of recap of what it can do for you. We have seen that automating your business either with softwares, outsourcing, or outsourcing the use of automation softwares is really:

  • how you can work smarter, not harder
  • how you accelerate your success
  • how you can profit faster
  • how to reinvest in your business for even faster progress
  • how to ACT like a BOSS, managing people instead of being the employee
  • enjoying free time

… and certainly few other things I don’t remember right now but outsourcing and automating your business is the smart way to reach your goals faster.

You made your first $100?

  • Invest these in article writing and submission (can be a software).
  • So now you have more backlinks, better SERPs, thus more traffic, and more money.
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Outsource more tasks more

Remember that “investing” in your business suppose there is a “return on investment”, or ROI. So you need to figure what should be the ROI for the products your promote or sell if you have your own products. Yes, you can outsource product creation for niche markets, have an expert write a little report for you that you will sell for $7, or a bigger product for much more money.

I don’t like to brag about what I do, but my previous post is really full of great free resources to automate your internet marketing and for videos, photos, audios, blogging, micro blogging… you don’t need much more apart from creating the accounts, I mean outsource the accounts creations.

But as for article marketing, if you have some money, this can be a good thing to have some weapons in your arsenal. At least one good submitter.

Article Marketing Robot

This tool is great, everyone who is using it talks about the best article submitter out there. We’re talking pure submission, not spinning or other features, though it includes it. One of the most interesting one is the automated registration and confirmation. You know how it sucks to have to manually sign up to each site and then click on each confirmation link.

Another thing you will like is scheduling article submission. So backlinks are spread over time and it appears more natural.

It also submits to over 1000 directories, kewl! Now I know you think this sounds great but you may want to try before you buy, and that’s exactly what you can do! You can try it for 5 days, now a little downside is that it leaves a link “Submission with Article Marketing Robot” but it’s not a big deal. If you like it, you should buy it, it’s $77, ONE TIME.

It’s been recommended to me by a top article marketer, I may give you my review soon though I know there are already many you can find out there. But if you want me to make a commission for the superb posts I’m publishing these days…

Download free trial version or buy Article Marketing Robot.

Okay, outsource and automate your business and grow bigger!

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