Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer Review

Have you heard about Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer? This is the keyword reseach software review I promised you earlier today. If you don’t want to read because you already know what it does but still need a recommendation from a buyer and user then here it is: Buy it.

(I’m really sorry, this review should have been posted yesterday but I had plenty things going on at the same time. Review was written though but I wanted to add screenshots)

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer Review

I would really wanted to do this a video a review but it’s been a while since my microphone is dead and I didn’t replace it. Anyway, I could show you how to use it, but the videos on the sales page do it just fine.

Plain simply, the software works, really. It delivers what it claims so regarding the functionality or technical question, there is nothing to say. I’ll tell you the ONLY problem I got which was solved by Alex Safie, the owner the same day I asked, and it was a Sunday…

But… How it works?

Well the principle behind Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer (SKCA for short), is quite simple. You enter your list of keyword that you just downloaded from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and you hit start so it perform analysis on your keywords.

You should activate the Cost Per Click column, and select if you want broad, phrase or exact match. I always choose exact. You may need to be logged in to activate the CPC, I don’t remember. Anyway one you have your keyword list returned, download it as CSV (not CSV for Excel), and then import it into STKA. It will ask you if you want to import the Global or Local search count.

Once you hit start the software will check out the competition for each keyword according to several factors. These are explained in the bonus report called “Cutting Edge Keyword Research”, which contains even more tips to make your keyword selection even better and guarantees easy rankings.

 Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer

Actually everything the software does can be done manually. But when you have hundreds of keywords, you really want to use the power of automation. In addition to your imported datas from Google keyword tool (keyword, search volume, CPC), SKCA then tells you the following.

Number of Competing Pages: these are the number of results when you search your keyword in quotes. Even if buyers or searchers are typing without quotes, this tells you the number of pages which contains exactly your keyword as you entered it.

Real competing pages: Something you want to pay attention. This number is much lower, but doesn’t mean it’s easy to rank. This number is the real number of pages Google displays in its result. Indeed, while Google tells you about a number of competing pages, it will not show you them all. Even if you want to go to the last page of results. This trick is explined in the bonus report:

Type a keyword in Google and hit search, then at the end of your address bar add “&start=990”, this will force Google to show you results from the 990 result. Example with the keyword “weight loss” BEFORE adding this tag:

SKCA Screenshot

You can see there are about 300 millions of results. After adding the tag we can read this at the bottom of the page:

SKCA Review

At this point Google knows there is no real reason to display even more results. They are certainly similar and less relevant to your search term. So you get the message above. You can also see we’re on page 89, so even before the 990 to 1000 results page.

In this example, Google considers 890 results are well enough competing pages: this is what Stealth Keyword Competiton Analyzer puts in the Real Competing Pages column (892, which you’ll agree is very close).

The other columns are quite self explanatory, Competition Strenght, Average PR (for page 1), PR strenght, Competition, Commercial (does it have commercial intent), Ads count (number of AdWords ads on first page) and the keyword rating.

SKCA is really cool because it will tell you what keywords are Amazing. This is the highest rating the tool gives:

Terrible, Bad, Good, Great and Amazing.

So the best keywords to go for are the one that met all the criteria, buyer keywords with a high search volume, high CPC that you can easily rank for. Wait a minute… That’s exactly what we want! And actually the only thing we want to know about.

Now, you don’t have to only focus on Amazing keywords, but Great keywords are certainly worth a look too. Also watch those with low and very low competition whican be useful to suck a bit of traffic too.

Now of course, your results will depend on the keywords you got from Google Adwords tool and that you imported in first place. But I truly recommend you don’t only shot for keywords with thousands of searches per month. Actually, you will find those with a Amazing rating. But there are also so many more keywords with low search volume that will anyway bring you tons of traffic, because you can target much more of those.

So yes, in any niche you’re in, you will find, 20 or even 50 amazing keywords. You don’t have to limit your website around one seed keyword you entered in the AdWords tool. For example,you can enter the seed keyword internet marketing in the AdWords Tool, then import it in SKCA and it gives you 15 amazing keywords. Do it again, this time starting with affiliate marketing, and one more time with make money online, or keyword research, search engine optimization, etc.

You get the point. With this software you can get all the keywords you need to build an authority website that will make you money faster because you will rank faster, and more easily.

Okay so now, what was the problem I got with this software?

Well… It didn’t import the data from the CSV I downloaded. Yeah, I couldn’t use it I thought. So I just reported this issue to Alex, who solved this super quickly. I just had to change the language in AdWords. Indeed, the software imports datas from the CSV columns, which are supposed to be in English. Since I’m using the french version my CSV was in french and the tool didn’t know where to put the datas. It still keeps the CPC in my own currency (Euro, so it’s even more in Dollars).

So, yeah, this software works, and it rocks. Quite frankly, there are many keyword research softwares out there and if you’re happy with yours then fine. But I also know some much more expensive tools get quite buggy. This one is simple and just tells you what keywords are worth it. A huge time saver and you don’t need really more options or features when yo want to rank for a keyword.

Another thing I almost forgot, the software can tell you if the exact match domain is available (for .com, .net and .org). It is of course useful when you’re doing niche marketing and want your exact match domain for a buying keyword. This helps in SEO and nice this feature has been added.

Then the other features at the bottom are the proxies support, great if you have tons of keywords and may do your analysis faster instead of only using your ip.

And the other button which is interesting is the “Trends” one. One factor that is taken into account by many is the upward trend of a keyword. Alex added this because it’s one of the factor he uses in his keyword selection, this is useful again because if a keyword has a climbing trend, then it may certainly receive more traffic in the future and you will want to rank early for this one. And if its trend gets down, then maybe that niche, or product isn’t as popular as it was and may be not worth the effort. This is another great addition that reinforce the purpose of SKCA: giving you the best keywords to target and get traffic from.

I think the next step for me would be to run a case study on building a website selecting the keywords given by Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer.

Okay, if you can see the value and power in SKCA, then do yourself a favor: buy it now.

If you want to stop wasting your time and only choose the right golden nuggets for your promotion material, blogging or any other content work, then get Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer.

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