Testing Free Autoblog Plugins

Hey folks, so I told you about some free autoblog plugins (chek my post Autoblog Plugins – Paid and Free for links and description) and say I would test some. Well I didn’t have too much time to see if they work on a long term basis but I can tell you about what I’ve seen. I’ve made a tes on a domain I didn’t use with a WordPress install, so it’s the latest version 3.0.1.

  • WP-o-Matic

It is supposed to not work above WordPress 2.6 but I’ve been able to publish posts. WP-o-Matic publishes posts from RSS feeds. But if you want to have posts published on a regular basis you’ll have to set up a cron job. I didn’t, but just by running the update I got news and rss feeds published. You really have to see if this works for you, but the other ones are better.

  • WPArticleFetch

It works exactly as described on their website (watch the video). You choose categories, keywords set frequency and number of posts and it grabs articles. Remember it removes all links from articles, and you should know than republishing articles suppose you leave all links intact. But it’s easy to use and works perfectly.

  • MultiPress Content Lite

This one looked the most complete one and yes, it does work as it says. Publish RSS, articles and Yahoo! Answers. The one thing I found stranger was the date posts were published. It seems the date of the original published date of the media is the one you’ll get. I got Yahoo Answers from 4 years ago. Not a big deal, and you can customize all settings so you get just new updates on the same day.

You need to check this one as it really is a little gem, it could have been a paid product but it’s free so if you want to play with free plugins before going to some advanced paid autoblog plugins this is a nice one. You can also customize post templates to have post display the way you want.

  • EazePress

Nothing to say… this is WP-o-Matic. I thought it was something else but nope, the interface is exactly the same. Their website said it was working to WordPress 2.9 but again it worked for me on 3.0.1. I was about to not test it after seeing the exact same interface of WP-o-Matic but then remembered the EazePress site said it was the ONLY plugin to publish full text from RSS feeds.

Well it seems to use Wizard RSS that extracts full RSS from partial to full text RSS. It adds a Powered by WizardRSS link. But actually… another message on top of posts says [WizardRSS: unable to retrieve full-text content]. So it doesn’t seems to be worth it? I’ll update my previous post.

  • WP-YA Grabber

I had a very good feeling about this one but wasn’t able to test it. But I’m sure it works… if I can download it. I thought I did but I didn’t since I can’t find it on my hard drive. I wanted to go back to the website but it looks down at the moment.

That’s it for now. My recommendation is thus MultiPress Content Lite, I didn’t find a link to a Pro version as I thought there would be. Well the free version should give you some nice time to play with. Spending few hours to master it may give you some good results, don’t be lazy. I also recommend you check bumblesoft WP-YA Grabber, I will again and see if I can get it to work. If you don’t mind getting a bit blackhat, WPArticleFetch works fine too.

In my previous update I also said I’ll add another one but for this one I need time to have results to tell you.

It’s 11pm here, that’s 23:00 in France and my work day should be over, but hey I work my own hours right? That’s beautiful.

See you tomorrow!

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