The Best Spinner – Is It Really The Best Article Spinner ?

You may have received some emails promoting this to you today, and yes, I’m going to do the same… sorry. Jonathan Ledger has released his new software The Best Spinner, and I truly think it rocks from what I’ve seen.

But first, have you checked the sales page ? Really, it seems to me it’s one of the easiest sales letter that could have been written, yet it certainly works well. What I mean is that actually, it’s not a BIG page of all the story of how full of debts this other guru was until he found the magic secret pill that made him spit cash every morning even before breakfast.

Nope, what I’ve seen is actually a video, which you must watch, only 14 minutes and shows everything, then bullet points. No big stories, all the rest of the page is testimonials, so he didn’t even have to write those… Smart! Really, videos are great for sales page and to show what a product, service can do for you, so use these and you don’t even have to write much more sales page or hire a $10,000 copywriter.

Now the product… The Best Spinner, such a big name but actually, I can tell you that I’ve used many other spinners, free or paid, integrated to article distribution software or standalone… There is one that I think about that can hold the challenge with this one and that’s Magic Article Rewriter.

The Best Spinner is really that, an article spinner, and it’s more customizable thn most tools released for a rewriting purpose. If you watch the video you can see how fast you are able to create spun versions of your article. And even faster when you save “favorite synonyms” that you can re-use over and over for each of your articles. And also the other variations that you can add to the thesaurus too. What’s cool is that when you have so many variations for words you want to replace, you just need the click of a button. Boom!

Some other features that I’ve seen and look great is the ability to spin at a multi-level, which is actually a must-have feature for every genuine spinner I think. But it was nice to see you can export your spun article in various formats. If you have been submitting spun articles to different distribution service or using other softwares, they don’t all use the simple jetspinner syntax which looks like {variation1|variation2}.  And you can customize these export formats, so if a new distribution service is created tomorrow and supports another syntax, you can enter this syntax into The Best Spinner.

Finally, it doesn’t just support English language, but German, Spanish and French too. Which is cool too for all us international marketers (well, they call us International, but I’m local for me…err…)

Anyway, The Best Spinner is a great tool that will save you time, there is no doubt about it. The price is $47 per year, I would actually have prefered a one time fee on this, but if there are some more features added in the future then that looks okay.

Visit The Best Spinner and watch the video.

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The Best Spinner – Is It Really The Best Article Spinner ? — 2 Comments

  1. I’m inclined to believe that the best article spinners are those that are human controlled, such as the one found on articleproductions.

    It’s so easy to use, has no downloads or those irritating ads popping out at you or splashed all over the site.

    It produces an amazing amount of 70% unique articles, lists them with its directory, and auto syndicates them to over 150 directory sites.

    All you need to do take an article that you’ve written, rewrite 30% of that article, or however many you chose, and the amount of articles produced gives you a vast number of articles that causes your article marketing and traffic to your sites to explode! The possiblities are endless! You don’t have to go back and fix errors that come from this article spinner. They’re ready to go!

    For a minimal fee, you definately get over delivery. Nothing on the market supasses its excellence!

  2. Hey James,
    I understand your point of view, since it’s your website you can only say it’s better than anything else. Anyway I’ve checked your page and yes, it looks very interesting and definitely an option to consider.
    But I also use spinner softwares that don’t have any ads flashing, just an easy interface and that produce high quality articles. You can always control the quality of your spin, it’s just proofreading.

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