The Blueprint Project Black Edition – One More Thing…

Hi guys and gals, just wanted to add something about The Blueprint Project Black Edition for those considering getting it. If building physical products stores (and when I say build, you actually just click a button) is something you think is not for you then you can skip this post.

So what I wanted to add is about the tools you get, you certainly aw that in their prelaunch they were giving away Keyword Blueprint and Link Blueprint. Well though these are awesome resources that Tim and Steve gave away for free, there are more to get access inside The Blueprint Project Black Edition.

One that I have access too is Discover Niches. This is just so powerful, and fast. Because all the datas are saved. So what you just do is type a keyword and it gives you all the keyword with search volume and competition, instantly. You can even type no keywords but set the search volume and competition figures to your likes and it spits out all keywords to go after.

Another resource is of course the dopshippers and wholesalers database. This is Dropship Blueprint that you will get access to, access to this resource alone is $197. You get access to millions (over 3 millions) of products to build sites for. Think about all the niches that have almost no competition.

If you go to The Blueprint Project Black Edition sales page you can see an example keyword (“buy train horns online” with just 9 results on Google, still the case). I just saw that some of these products were sold for $400. So your profit can be really huge if you get the wholesale price. Remember since it’s dropshipping, you don’t pay anything upfront! You just process the orders to the suppliers, who will take care of handling and shipping.

That’s right, you get paid first!

The most important thing

Then one last thing I’d like you to think about is the advantage that you get being an internet marketer. If you’ve been in this game for a while you certainly know enough, more than many people who would like to have a website to sell their products. Let me explain.

A local business would want an online store so they can sell more, nationally or internationally. Still, they have to install the ecommerce scrip and the online marketing to do to get ranked in Search Engines and get free traffic, or pay for traffic.

Either they take the learning curve of internet marketing and you certainly know how hard it can be to know where to start and where to go from there, or they would pay someone to do the job for them.

Their knowledge is on the product they sell, not on the internet marketing part, and not on the technical side of things either (hosting, instaling the ecommerce script…).

You are different. You don’t have to know anything about the product. You just decide on a niche, click a button to have the store installed, add a few products with few more clicks. Basically you can quickly have your online store up and running very quickly since you know you don’t have to pay someone to do it, everything is done automatically.

And then your marketer job starts, and this is going to be fun. Now with those tiny niches and over 3 millions products to promote you have sites with very low competition, and you now can build few backlinks to get some traffic and easily get ranked. The local business owner who wanted his/her store online is still learning SEO or PPC or having an “internet marketing expert” doing it for him/her.

That is the most important thing you should know: the ease you will make money with this business model. And it is replicable. Just instead of building 10 or 50 affiliate sites, you can just build 10 online stores that you OWN. You directly make the profit, and lots of it.

And here’s one more tip… Vary your niches, go for lower, mid and higher price products. You should still know that it takes the same amount of effort to promote a low price product as a higher one, so your cut is higher too.

Okay, that was my little additional infos and tips for those interested in the dropshipping model.

Now get The Blueprint Project Black Edition before it’s down.

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