TreasureCoach – Something Different From Internet Marketing ?

TreasureCoach, is a new product that is going to become live very soon. So, you may already have got people sending you emails about it. This has been created by a guy named Maksym (first name), his last name is impossible to write. Anyway this is NOT an internet marketing product. So this post is dedicated to those who to diversify their income, or find something else than affiliate mareting, or info product creation.

The creator has been called the “1 billion pirate” and his story is crazy, really, but true. He’s shring it on his website (video 1). But the video the most revealing now is the Video #2.

I had a hard time guessing what this Treasure Coach course could be about. Not affiliate marketing, no SEO, no PPC, no list building, nothing Internet Marketing…

So I thought maybe eBay and it wasn’t that again. It’s not Forex trading…

Anyway video #2 came around and it’s now revealed…

Check it yourself as it could be something you want to do. It doesn’t involve any Internet Marketing stuff you are used to get all the time.

Visit TreasureCoach now and discover the huge amount of money you can make easily.

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