Unique Article Wizard WordPress Plugin For Autoblogging

Okay so yesterday I told you I needed a bit time to see what the latest plugins could do and well, I was talking about the Unique Article Wizard plugin. It’s completely free, you don’t even need to sign up to get it, however from the admin panel you’ll have the ability to sign up to the affiliate program where you can rebrand report and the plugin to giveaway (have not found the link to plugin giveway…)

You can download the plugin for WordPress but also for other platforms like ArticleDashboard and other article directory scripts, or Drupal. You can also set up a posting through email function on a free blogspot blog.

Anyway, the UAW WordPress plugin works great. You can receive articles with audio and videos, you can run a little test to see how it works. You can filter keywords, choose the categories you want posts to be posted (you need to create categories first), you can choose to have article keywords as tags, publish automatically articles or leave them in the review queue,  and few other things.

From what I’ve seen all the features work well. Unique Article Wizard (the submission tool, not the plugin) allows writers to have their articles submitted accross many article directories and blogs. Their system create unique version of articles so you should receive a version different from others with the plugin, if I’m correct.

That looks a good solution to have some fresh content added daily to your blog, that you can just monetize with everything you want.

If you want to promote your website effectively Unique Article Wizard has been there for some time now and users really enjoy this tool. But you actually have to use it. Subscription is $67 a month, so if you like to write or can have articles written for you and want massive distribution then this can be an extremely powerful SEO strategy.

Check Unique Article Wizard

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