What Are Your Goals For The End of 2011?

Target New Goals!Hey all, a quick question today: what are your goals for the end of 2011. This year is almost over and I guess in January 2011 you may have set goals, and maybe reached few of those, or all. Great. But if some are not reached yet you need to act fast, and if you don’t have any left to meet, then maybe you could set new ones.

7 days in December have already passed, so you have to take advantage the remaining 24 to shoot the right target. In such a short timeframe you will really have to ensure your goal is realistic.

Christmas is still profitable if you want to market few affiliate products, that may be one of your goal: building a new website or fanpage around a product and drive traffic to it to generate [insert whatever amount of $] you want.

It doesn’t have to be around internet marketing or any professional task.

That’s just an example, but in fact there are always plenty of things we plan and don’t do. So again, the last 3 weeks of December can still be profitable or great to get a new challenge.

So before you plan your goals for 2012, what are your goals for the end of 2011?

For me, there is one I mentioned about in a post I made 3 or 4 days ago about improving this blog. I want to change the theme, add more social engagement and add images to my posts. For the images, I just need to think about adding an image. For the other two, I’m currently playing with the Gantry Framework, which allows you to create any kind of layout. It’s for Joomla and WordPress (there is a plugin and a theme). So I’m testing on another domain before I add it here because there are tons of options to configure and it may take a bit of time before I really produce something cool.

Anyway, please share your time sensitive goals now for the end of 2011 in the comments.

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