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Hey everyone, hope you’re having a great week end. I guess some of you ware celebrating Halloween early too. Few days ago, I blogged about a optimizing duplicate content for autoblogging purposes with a plugin called WP Easy Content by Oz. The plugin helps you create more unique content sites from articles you can republish, quickly.

I told you I would buy it and give you my first results, so I bought it. Though it may actually be too early to provide some real results the plugin does the job very well.

So as a reminder, Oz made a test of adding unique content around an article you republish. So you add one, two or three paragraphs before and after an article and it becomes more unique. It doens’t break any TOS since you keep the article intact, and Google will see your version is optimized compared to all the other versions distributed on every other article directories.

WP Easy Content allows you to do this automatically in minutes. You can specify keywords for each article, and create text blocks (your unique paragraphs) that will surround the articles. You can also choose to have randomly selected text blocks so at any visit your content is changing (not the article republished), and it seems your page content is always changing.

Well there are few twists to this method that I can’t reveal here, however you can already test this for yourself. Do this process manually and you can already create full sites with republished content that you repotimize with a bit of unique content in 2 or 3 hours. Oz call the articles you republish “Freemium Content”, because it’s free premium content.

Now I’m sure I’ll get results from this plugin and will have more to share about it. I may even give you the site I applied this too but I’m doing some more test .

But if you want the plugin and make it work, you have to get it now. The first time I mentioned this plugin I told you the price will increase to $67 or $97 on November 1st. And it will! Mostly because there’s going to be a version 2.0 release that will give even more power to this method, and more automation too. The upgrade will be free, so get your version 1.0 now and save.

Check WP Easy Content.

P.S: If you want to see first what kind of stuff Oz releases online, you may check his RAMOS report for only $2 (an affiliate marketing game changer, no joke), or download his free SEOn Trial report (SEO case study, ranking with no content).

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