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WP InstantPay is finally released. If you know the guys from Incansoft, you know they have really cool automation tools at great prices. Some of their releases include SocialBot, RSSBot, ArticleBot… I think each of these products is under $30. I have all their bots, or almost all. Anyway, today I got an email from them, about WP InstantPay.

What is WP InstantPay?

Well I think I’ve put it in the title. This is a WordPress plugin that will let you integrate PayPal in your blog. You can thus receive payments for anything you sell on your blog. Now that’s cool since you won’t have to do some technical work and browse all the PayPal documentation to have a button on your site. It’s made easy.

And there’s another very cool feature: it splits payments automatically. So if you want to have your own in house affiliate program, you can do so! The payments are directly splitted between you and your affiliate.

This is something I really appreciate, in the past there were some other scripts used for commissions paid by Paypal. The script would say you get 50% commission, actually you would get 100% every 2 sales. So actually you don’t get paid anything on the first sale, but on the second one. I didn’t want to make some efforts to realize I made 3 sales, and got paid commissions for only 2.

With WP InstantPay now released, I hope merchants will switch to it and thus allow a commission on all sales. If you want to have an affiliate program, you will need a PayPal API, that you will easily get from your account, you need a PayPal Business account first. Not needed for simple payments (no splits).

Now I guess for us little marketers who may want to create their own product, WP InsantPay will allow many to start their own selling blog.

The documentation on WP InstantPay website is very complete and tells you everything you will need to make this a smooth integration. There are much more features: 3rd tier, emails (so you can send your affiliates, or customers), pre-made templates for emails sent after purchases, product lists…


I guess you may have PLRs (articles, softwares…) with resell rights on your computer, then you can already start selling those.

And if you’re a freelancer why not sell your services? It can be an easy way to receive orders for articles, design, backlinks or whatever you have to offer.

Create your own reports: have some short eBooks, even at $7-$10 each, few sales each week can be a nice income if you create several of these reports.

Of course, I know you could have done it without it, but I’m all for going the easiest way of doing things. And I’m sure you are too. It’s a worthwile investment, for now it’s $67. That’s a great price considering the potential profits it can help you to create.

Here’s my link:WP InstantPay

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