Write Better Benefits For Product Reviews

Okay so I just mentioned in my previous post I would tell you how to write better benefits for your product reviews. Actually I won’t, but Michel Fortin will. Here’s a post I want you to read:

Forget Benefits and You Will Sell More

You may already know you should emphasize on benefits instead of features, meaning you have to answer the customers question “What’s in it for me?”. In this blog post Michel Fortin tells you how to write REAL benefits, and I’d say it has to do with the end result the customer is searching for, but you need to be more personal and not keep things general.

Read the post in full, some examples are shared at the end of the article.

Michel is a great copywriter, he can teach you how to write better benefits so your offers and affiliate promos convert better and thus it’s easier for you to make more sales and affiliate cash.

This last sentence is an example in itself. I could have stopped it at “benefits”, but personally, what you want is to make more money.

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