Writing Better Reviews Makes You A Proud Affiliate

Hello world, I’ve been promoting Deadbeat Super Affiliate by Dan Brock recently, I talked about his review formula to write great reviews that get buyers traffic and convert well and yesterday I also provided a link to Michel Fortin’s blog on how to write better benefits for your reviews.

Well I’m just doing that currently, enhancing my reviews with more content and trying to provide real value at the same time. It feels great.

I’m improving a website that makes me some nice money every month, and as I go through my review pages I see some are just made of 200 words or less. It’s not that hard to turn these to 700 – 1000 words, it’s quite fast because most of the job is already done once you have compiled all the facts. It’s just a matter of formatting and presentation.

But at the end of the day you can be a proud affiliate that didn’t try to fool visitors by just saying what they can learn elsewhere and adding that you recommend it with your link. Nope, writing your reviews should be HELPING PEOPLE make a purchase decision.

If you can help them making the best decision of purchase (or not) then you are trustable (does that word exist?).

Be cool, be great, be helpful. If you help people do, work, sleep, live better (that includes tons of stuff), then they may help you make more money by clicking on that link.

Okay I don’t know if this post was worthwile to you but that was a natural follow up to what happened to me during the last days.

So if you didn’t spotted my damn affiliate links to the Deadbeat Super Affiliate course by Dan Brock, here it is again…


Have a good night, or day depending on where you are on this planet.

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